Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my list

I keep a list on my phone of all those things I'd love to write about when I find the time to write.
But as the list grows longer,
my window of free time grows smaller,
and I begin to feel a bit overwhelmed
by the idea that I'm so very far behind.
Which makes no sense...
how am I falling behind?
I'm my own boss here.
No one knows I have this list.
And these aren't even "timely" stories.

I think I'm just so used to having deadlines...

I think I'd feel more at peace if I shared just a small bit of this list.

so that's the plan today.
good luck keeping up with my 
ever-so-random ramblings.

1. I love the scent of hotel sheets.
I realized this on our most recent visit to the Marriott.
And as often as we're warned about the cleanliness of hotel comforters
or the mass of bed bugs revealed during Dateline's latest black light investigation,
these sheets,
to me,
have this  crisp, clean, fresh feel you can't find anywhere else.
Parker says this is all the result of an associative relationship.
Hotel sheets remind us of vacationing and our most memorable weekend get-aways.
And because we so love these respites from reality,
we have a highly positive response to the scent of our bleach-bright-white sheets.
 I thought that made sense...
but whatever the real reason may be,
I love hotel sheets.
I just do.

2. I cozied in for a quick Sunday nap around 4:30.
Parker held me tight 'til I drifted off to sleep
and tried to wake me when he woke.
but discovered I'd fallen into a Sunday coma.
And despite all his best efforts to help me avoid a sleepless night,
I slept on.
and on. and on. and on.
and straight on through until 8:30 a.m. the next morning.
16 hours of sleep people.
I nearly slept one whole day away.
And how would you expect one to feel after such a sweet slumber?
I expected just as much.
But no.
This sleeping beauty battled a feverish flu instead.
My post-hibernation hangover if you will.
It's miserable.
I'm miserable.
And since sleep seemed to trigger it,
I'm absolutely clueless as to what the cure may be.
*pathetic whimper*
*a bit of music from the world's smallest violin*
I'll be fine in time...

3.  When Parker hit the hay on coma-Sunday
he supposedly was met by a little blanket hog.
As expressed in earlier posts,
Parker likes to tuck into a perfect made bed.
Much to his dismay, a cuddly little bed bug had fallen fast asleep all snuggled up in a tangled mess of blankets.
And anytime he attempted to pry the blankets from her little palms
she resisted.
With fervor.
And he laughed himself silly over it.
har. har. har.
That next morning 
the bed-maker recounted the story of the little bed bug who wouldn't share
and guess what?
No one believed him.
Because everyone knows this little bed bug LOVES to share.
he's standing by his story.
And the bed bug...
she's finding every reason not to believe it.
"Did you at least try to cuddle me?"
"Well of course I didn't share! 
You made my subconscious sad.
And sad subconscious-es don't share."
"Oh my! How could I have overlooked that?"
"Beats me..."

4.  I want more Words With Friends friends.
I love the friends I have now.
I play Words-With-Family.
You name it!

but I have very few Words-With-friends.
so we should be friends!

It's absolutely addicting.
 Whether you're a day or a year behind the bandwagon,
you'll be hooked.

And note:
(I will accept games with family & bankers too.
their words seem to be the funniest anyway.
you name it.
they play it.
it's hilarious.)

Also note:
Equally hilarious is the fact that my co-worker's husband is convinced "Angry Birds" is called "Birds With Friends."

end notes.

5.  Remember Spirit magazine's brain features that boggled my mind?
Here are the highlights...
I’m trying to focus like a laser on what Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman is saying, but her iPhone keeps pinging with e-mail alerts. “A wealth of information creates poverty of thought.” Ping! “We wear our ability to multitask like a badge of achievement when it’s really the worst thing we can do to our brain.” Ping! “Fifty percent of how we use our brain is toxic for the brain.” Ping! “The most powerful part of the brain is its blocking ability, but teens aren’t developing it because of information overload.” Ping!

I loved that quote!
"A wealth of information creates a poverty of thought."

How often do I find myself splitting my brain between two thoughts before simultaneously forgetting both of them?
Too often!
How many times have I initiated a conversation, only to be distracted by the one being had next to me
(and then walked away feeling like the slight-ER for so poorly handling the first and the slight-EE for missing out on so much of the second)?
Too many!

Why then, 
when I'm fully aware that this is the risk associated with multitasking,
do I continue on with this bad behavior?

because "we wear our ability to multitask like a badge of achievement when it's really the worst thing we can do to our brain."

interesting, no?

if you're interested,
the function of that "blocking" ability we're all failing to develop is this:
the brain’s great ability to neutralize distractions
to govern its own furiously thrumming pathways and trillions of synaptic connections for the purpose of heightened concentration and higher cognitive thinking

The brightest of minds are master-blockers.
I, on the other hand, am not.
but I do aim to try!

If you'd like to learn more about this topic click here.

6. Did you know..?
Two things distinguish the human personality from that of a mouse.
One is our profoundly social lifestyle. 
"Biologically, we’re built to share. Without ever meaning to, we care. Even the nastiest person you know cares more than the nicest weasel or bear.” 
The other distinction is the substantial size of our brains: 
“Our tremendous mental wattage, plus our social instincts, yield nuances of behavior that we don’t see in other creatures.” 
In a word: quirks.

The article goes onto explain how the human personality,
once described by more than 17,953 distinct adjectives,
can now be summed up in just 5 facets.
a.k.a. quirks

While I'm never one to buy into personality tests,
I decided to give this one a go.

and what do you know?

the personality test based on the brain pinned me perfectly.

high emotionality
highly implusive 
and highly altruistic

with low levels of orderliness & anxiety
as much as I wish I were tidy, I'm not.
not just yet.

anyway, I liked it.
and if you like the idea
you can find the link
right here.

7.  I think we'll end with lucky number 7 tonight as we were very lucky, indeed, to have such an amazing leadership training this past week.
Our stake leaders pulled out all the stops
and connections
to schedule our meeting
in the Relief Society Building on Temple Square.

We listened to their inspired messages in a room that,
just hours before,
hosted an assembly of all the auxiliaries of our church.

As I gazed at the portraits of Sister Dalton, Sister Wixom, and Parker's favorite Sister Beck, I knew in my heart that they were the reason for the lingering spirit I felt there.
That little epiphany reaffirmed my testimony that they are called of God to lead the Young Women, Primary, and Relief Society programs of this Church.
They've been prepared.
And they are inspired.

As we toured their personal offices following the meeting,
I wondered if I'm living my life in a way that the Lord can prepare me.
Not to be a General President,
or even a president for that matter.
but to be His hands.
someone whose heart is susceptible to His Spirit.
a Saint who's worthy to carry out His work.

I'm not sure how He'll use me.
or if He'll even need me.
but because I hope He someday will,
I want
more than anything
 to be ready.

and on those days where I feel like I'm so far from seeing or reaching my full divine potential,
I find comfort in my favorite quote from training:
Things Work Out
"It isn't as bad as you sometimes think it is.
It all works out.  Don't worry.
I say that to myself every morning.
It will all work out.
If you do your best, it will all work out.
Put your trust in God and move forward
with faith and confidence in the future.
The Lord will not forsake us.
He will not forsake us if we put our trust in Him.
If we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessing,
He will hear our prayers."
-President Gordon B. Hinckley

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
-Proverbs 3:5-6

I know with all my heart that this is true.
Now I just need to live it.

happy Wednesday all!

'til next time...


'til just yesterday I didn't believe it existed.
I'd written it off as a tried-and-true trademark.
A label formed and fashioned for the sole purpose of selling a product.

but I was wrong.
though it's known by its own name,
it's every bit deserving of this trademarked title.

I discovered it on my day off.
Though I'd known for quite awhile that I needed to make an adjustment or two to that aspect of my wardrobe,
I never could convince myself to make the time
or the investment.
Parker was floored when he found out just how much bras cost.
VS bras especially. 
I tried using a downhill analogy help him understand.
"You boys buy Santa Cruz bikes because..."
"They're the best.  
Best geometry.  Best suspension.  Best design."
And I buy VS bras because..."
"You like to spend money."
(Why do I bother?)

But Wednesday I had the time
and an incentive to make the investment.
love love LOVE those discount cards.
and came away with,
you guessed it,
 my wonderbra.

When the sales associate handed me "my size" I literally 
laughed out loud.

Her response:
"Don't think about it."

so I didn't.
and I'm so happy I didn't.
because in the world where fit is everything,
I can confidently say that I've finally found the perfect fit.
so perfect, in fact, that I came away with 2 that day!

the only problem now...
making room in the budget for at least one more.
or maybe 4.
 to replace the collection that's two sizes too small.

but we'll worry about that another day.
and spend today celebrating my great find,
encouraging everyone to go and get sized,
and laughing at Parker's comically positive reaction when he spotted my new purchase in its little pink bag.

"It's so soft!"
"I know! I love it."
"It's softer than my pillow!
Maybe I could...?"
"No sweetie."
"Yeah you're right...
I'd probably snag it with my man-scruff."

"What's this?"
"That's the wire."
"Oh...this one's got good suspension!"
"It's called support sweetie."
"That makes sense."

oh how I love his little learning curve
and the fact that he loves to learn.
too cute!

this made me laugh...

isn't it interesting that bra-shopping is the only time we'll willingly 
(and even happily)
go up a size?
shoes, jeans, & dresses
totally different story.
funny no?

I thought so.

'til next time...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


"I'm changing my flight,"
I announce decidedly as I heave my massive duffel bag onto the backseat.
One speed-pack and a few frantic glances at the clock later my family's agreed to attempting to squeeze in one desperately sought after bapple-run before my 6 o'clock flight.
Bapple's 30 minutes across town.
Airport's another 15 back in this direction.
We have 45 minutes before I'm due to check-in.
This is the logic of yours truly.
not really the time to be announcing any sort of itinerary change.

I explain my reasoning to the questioning crowd.
I have tomorrow off.
Southwest changes flights for free.
My current flight 
isn't scheduled to touch ground in Salt Lake 'til 11:50.
And as much as I miss my dear husband, he confirmed earlier that he'd be spending his spring break at work.
"Can't you sleep in?  Go in a little late?"
Answer: sorry, but no.
I'd love to, but no.
Our little reunion would have to wait.

so to recap...
I'm spending my whole night in transit
a night I could be spending with family.
My one reason to go home
my husband
will be able to see me for a whopping 20 minutes
i.e. the duration of our drive home
before he becomes a big chubby pumpkin
it will be nearing 1 o'clock at this point.
Then said husband will be gone before I'm awake
leaving me to spend my whole day doing...well, nothing.
I don't expect to be entertained (per say).
I just like to make the most of every minute of life outside the bank.
And, as I see it, changing my flight is a win-win-win 
(with just one drawback).
skip out on a backwards 2-stop flight and upgrade to a non-stop for FREE
my night, once set to be spent in transit, will now be time spent with my family
(oh and it's monday, mind you, so Family Home Evening's on the itinerary.
let's see.
games with my beloved fam-damily
or stale air shared with strangers on a plane?
that's what I thought...)
I'll be home with my beloved husband just 10 hours later than I would have been otherwise 
(more like 2 as 8 of those hours would have been spent sleeping anyhow)

But, of course,
one more night w/o my Parker is, 
at the same time,
a lose.

So I weigh out my options and,
what do you know,
the WINS win out 3:2
(a night without Parker counts as 2 losses because,
I do miss him that much after just 3 days).

so with all this in mind,
I change my flight.
just 30 minutes before I'm scheduled to check-in.

And in the midst of all this,
my impulsiveness 
key word
overshadows my good sense
and wastes any thought remotely resembling a by-product of clear thinking.  

Should I maybe consult with my husband (and ride) before making any big itinerary changes?
as my parents suggest
Do I?
of course not.

And this is
in short
how the rest of the story goes.

Chelsey: "Great news!"
blah, blah, blah
"Southwest thinks I'm crazy to cut it so close..."

Parker: "You are."

Chelsey: "Why?"

Parker: "Can you still make the flight?"

Chelsey:  "Maybe but..."

Parker: "Then change it back."

Chelsey: "Why?"

Parker: "Just change it back."

Chelsey: "Why?"

Parker: "Just change it back."

i love you.
i do.
but I need a better reason to call in like a certified crazy 

and beg for the flight I just begged be changed."

Parker: "I have a surprise..."


conversation shifts from
sheer curiosity

By the time I've reached my hundredth "What?" he breaks.

"I took tomorrow off,
spent my entire afternoon calling every Costco member in the family I could think of,
sped across town to borrow a card
(as ours was tucked safely away in my wallet with me in Sparks),
disguised myself to use said card,
paid in cash to avoid any name discrepancies
and keep from getting the boot,
purchased two passes to the Canyons.
one for me, and one for my wife who likes surprises.
I'm kidding.
One's for you...
It's supposed to snow tonight.
I thought you'd like it."

He proceeded to tell me how excited he'd been to employ the element of surprise.
He couldn't wait to see my reaction at the airport that night.
"Oh woe is me,"
I'd thought.
"to be spending my whole day off all lonesome-like."
He'd had me fooled.
And I'd ignorantly spoiled a very sweet surprise and stolen his thunder in the process.

Time for a bit of damage control...

Needless to say,
after a frenzied phone call to rapid rewards,
during which conversation, 
I'm sure,
the RR rep flagged me as a vacillating terrorist 
for all my frenetic flight-swapping.
an unsettlingly long wait in bag check,
why do I always insist on packing full-size liquids?
a sprint through security,
followed by an announcement that my flight was, once again, an hour+ delayed.
a flight to Oakland,
after sprinting to try and make my connection,
I discovered that the plane we'd planned to take wouldn't be arriving for another 2 hours.
(thank goodness for Twizzler's cherry bites & Words With Friends)
and a few too many packets of honey-roasted peanuts later,
no such thing?
i thought so too.
I was home.
kissing Parker to pieces on the corner
(i just love the hellos after long goodbyes!
so, so sweet!)
and committing 5+ airport parking violations in the process
(lucky for us everyone was past caring by 2 A.M.).

And 6 hours,
1 gondola ride,
2 snowboards,
15 runs,
and 12 inches of fresh powder later,
I'd spent the best day with my very best friend.
who, I hope, will always be full of surprises.

i love you Parker B.
thanks for the "surprise."
(And FYI: if you'll give me a next time, I'll never spoil it again).