Monday, October 31, 2011

playing catch-up

had it.
There are so many wonderful things happening in our lives that I would absolutely LOVE to share.
new learning curves.
i.e. If you insist on writing a NOVEL of a post that'll drive even the most dedicated reader to skimming, 
be judicious in selecting the main titles for each section.
When read out of context, the shock factor section may be a bit much.
(sorry if I scarred you for life dear little sister...
and sorry to those who've since flagged my blog as containing explicit adult content).

happy times.
i.e. Sleeping in and snug-buggling up on the couch with my sweet hubby for the first time in weeks.
And check this...we were actually civil!!!
No pushing, no shoving, no smacking, no slapping, no fighting over sheets/blankets/remotes, etc.
Just a peaceful, quiet little cuddlefest to reconnect after a crazy busy week.

more funnies.
i.e. When we returned from our muddy 26-mile biking adventure just in time for the BYU game.
I informed Parker we'd be having company and gave him a quizzical look as he put on his best pouty face.
"Is that a problem sweetie?"
"'s just that I wanted to watch the game naked..."
This has never happened before.
Our college game day attire never has been — and never will be — our birthday suits.
Nevertheless, I feign understanding with a sympathetic smile.
"And now you have to wear clothes?"
He responds with a sad nod.
Gotta love the little exhibitionist.
silly tiffs.
i.e. When I lost it with Parker for intentionally passing up Iceberg when he knew I wanted french fries.
"Maybe if you hadn't been on your phone you would've seen it..."
"Maybe if you hadn't been too 'tuff' to watch a chick flick I wouldn't have had to read the plot summary on my phone while trying to find the one redbox in the Valley that has your man movie..."

"Beeder think of all the calories I saved you!"
"What are you trying to say sweetheart?"
Slowly the background noises begin to fade. 
the hum of the AC
the rustling leaves
the rev of the accelerator
even the crickets sense the need for retreat.
'Til finally it takes over.
silence may not have been quite so dramatic.
And we may even have laughed about it all moments later.
yes, until...
karma came to play.
— in the midst of our giggles 
"Honey...weren't you supposed to turn on Highland?"
Poor Parker came face-to-face with the cruel irony of the situation when he realized the french fry debate made him miss the turn-off to the last redbox with an available copy of Thor.
Poor baby... ;)
blonde moments.
i.e. When I tried to wedge my desk away from the wall to feed a cord down to the outlet only to discover,
A. the desk was bolted to said wall,
B. I looked ridiculous trying to leverage my body weight against it in sky-high stilettos,
and C. my boss was watching his genius protege the whole time.
This includes his seeing, firsthand, my bright idea to revert to the primitive cavewoman approach of whacking the plug against the teeny gap in hopes that it might shape-shift and wriggle its way through.
Yes, I did this.
And yes, I did look every bit as ridiculous as I've made it sound.
"square peg no go in round hole? say whaaaaa???"
crazy adventures.
i.e. Parker & Chelsey's adventures along the Wasatch Crest Trail.
A 26-mile ride that traces the "Backbone of Utah" and is highlighted by one adjective-loving trail reviewer for its "sun-dappled woods to climb, luxuriant basins to cross, steep hills to conquer, and tricky sections that require a full repertoire of bike handling skills."
While I fully agree it's a sick ride with sweet views, the above convinced me to commit to being absolutely anti-cheese on the recap. 
Details to come...
quick visits.
This list is a bit overwhelming.
Here's a quick list of the many soon-to-be-featured visits and mini-vacays you'll be seeing on the blog.
Take a deep breath.
South Jordan :: Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Shasta Lake :: Houseboat 2011
Aspen Meadows :: Girls' Camp
Salt Lake City :: BFF Bridal Shower
Logan :: Stromberg Wedding
Richfield :: Fourth of July
Lake Powell :: DeMille Family Vacation
Salt Lake City :: Wells Fargo Farewells
Provo :: BFF Mission Farewell
Provo :: BFF Bridal Shower
Lagoon :: Double-D Adventures
Reno :: Prado Wedding
Heber Valley Camp :: Bodily Family Reunion
Provo :: BFF Baby Shower
Whistler :: Boys' Biking Trip
Richfield :: Labor Day
Wasatch Crest :: Biking Time
San Francisco :: Venafi Event
Temple Square :: General Conference
Provo :: BYU v. San Jose
Moab :: Couples' Trip
Cornbelly's :: BFF Birthday Bash 
Provo :: Jay-Z & Beyonce's Monster Mash

I'm sure there's more.
But that'd just give me more to do.
so I'm calling it.
What you see is what you'll get.
whether. you. like it. or. not.
deets to come.

(or should I say tails???
anyone here watch this week's Parks & Rec?)
fall festivities.
i.e. Or lack thereof.
Did you know this Halloween baby let more than HALF of October fly by without so much as a glance at anything even remotely resembling a pumpkin?! 
I'm not sure life's ever been so busy...
or that I've ever had a weaker excuse for letting my happy birth month go by unnoticed and uncelebrated.
Poor thing.
Luckily, we realized our misstep early enough to make a change and say hello and Happy Halloween to some fall fun including, but not limited to,
fabulous fall weather for a Moab couples' trip,
duck races and inflatable bouncy horses at Cornbelly's,
Jay-Z & Beyonce's Provo Halloween party,
a few costume blunders,
and a semi-legal and happy happy happy birthday to me :)
so many details to come. 

communication flukes.
i.e. Can we be done with these?
I'm so ready to be done with these.
little epiphanies.
i.e. Parker made an exceptionally insightful comment about Priesthood blessings earlier this month that I can't wait to comment on and share.
I loved him so much in that moment and just LOVED the way his reflection and contemplation got my wheels turning too.
BIG plans.
dental school applications + 20 credit semesters + THE perfect job = 
BIG changes that've come and seem to keep coming our way.

Yet the teeny tiny portion of my teeny tiny brain that insists on structure and order had me convinced that I 
could not-would not-should not
blog until I could do those past memories justice and in the proper sequence of events.
And that, 
my dear friends, 
overwhelmed this teeny tiny brain of mine enough to discourage me from even thinking of keying b-l-o-g-g-e-r into the search nav.

I know I say this all the time, but I really-truly-honestly-please-believe-me-when-I-say-it-this-time have never, never-ever-ever, never been this busy in my life.
It's been fabulous
and draining
but mostly fabulous.

But because I know life only promises to get busier,
I'm back and blogging about the last few months of this little life of ours in no particular order whatsoever.
Because really, how can I expect to do a memory justice when I've waiting so long to share it that I hardly remember it at all?
oh wait...
I can't.
Maybe it's time to stop stockpiling and get writing about life as it happens, filling in the gaps as I go.
what a novel concept!

The only problem is that I know myself all too well.
I am fully aware of my paradoxical approach to projects 
 i.e. the way my teeny tiny attention span offsets a highly addictive personality —  
and realize how this makes me a rather bipolar blogger.
Have you noticed a pattern?
 fiend, then phantom, then fiend, then phantom, fiend, phantom, fiend, phantom, fiend, phantom

It's no bueno.
And it's quite honestly the reason why I've neglected this poor blog.
I couldn't bear the thought of expending the last few brain cells I had left each night into any kind of creative project especially one that didn't have an associated deadline.
In my mind, I needed to keep my free time free
especially when those moments were so few and far between.

But I miss this.
Anytime I succumb to the temptation to sneak a peek at my Google Reader and see the million-and-one people with similarly busy lives taking the time to jot teeny bits of it down I promise myself that, 
come Sunday, 
I'm getting back on my blogging horse.
Mostly because I want to, 
but also because my Reader has this knack for leaving me with a major guilt-trip anytime I peruse through it in my phantom phase.
I hate that...
so I suppose I'm here today to announce that the buck stops here.
I am back on my horse
and plan to brave this bucking bronco of a busy life and 
stay in the saddle for...
for as long as my teeny tiny brain can handle it.
How's that for a time frame?
I refuse to make any promises I can't keep people,
so I'm afraid that's the best you're gonna get.

Here's to playing catch-up,
making memories,
and enjoying every moment of this busy, busybusy life.

Happy Halloween team!!!
Have a devilishly good time tonight...