Wednesday, February 23, 2011


maybe clarifier's a better word for it.
either way...

I published my last post before I'd fully made my point
or acknowledged the fact that the virtual banker training I find so patronizing may or may not have left me feeling a bit jaded about the 9-5 life.
I'd normally just go flesh out the original and call it a day,
but the trouble today is
I meant every word I said.

I'm not the routine girl by any means.
It's a challenge for me to feel satisfied just living the day-to-day,
and a big adjustment learning how to be a new kind of busy.

and this is a big but
I do love my life.
every bit of it.

makes you dizzy just looking at it huh?
I just have an exceptionally severe case of spring fever.
I'm ready for a vacation and a hefty dose of vitamin D.

But seeing as all potential 
cabin, biking, hiking, sun-tanning, and tropic trips 
are still a few weeks off,
I'll settle for some weekend fun.
Get ready, friends, to see way too much of me
and love every single minute of it.

With that said, here are 10 random insights on my day-to-day:
1. Our latest and greatest house favorites are
 edamame & nutella toast.
oh so good!

2. The coneheads have reunited for one final season of soccer.
I forgot how much I love coeds.
And playing with Tiff & Kayla
(and baby Chandler!)

Also, please note.
I will be scoring a shirt this season.
There is no way I'm leaving one more championship game without one.
no way.

3.  And while we're on the topic of my BYU days coming to a close, I have a secret.
I've had my diploma for close to 2 months now.
It remains unopened.
And I'm not sure why.
Maybe it's my unwillingness to face reality and accept that I've "graduated" from that chapter of my life.
Or maybe I'm not 100% sure where I put it.
Either way,
it's still in the box!

4.  I am remembering just how happy I am when I have endorphins.
I've been a stranger at the gym the last season or two.
I'm lucky my body tolerated such sedentary behavior as well as it did
and I feel so lucky it's taken so well to this new workout regime.
I thought it'd rebel...fight back a bit maybe.
And it did, at the start.
But in recent weeks,
I feel like it just craves any and all things cardio.
And that's been fun for me.
I feel like my old (and by old I mean young) self again...
well, until I see all the grandmas at Gold's with their rockin' bods.
Then I feel like a real tub
(because I know, at their age, I'll look more like a rollie pollie than one who's been flattened by a rolling pin).
Gotta love the gym...

5. Pictionary with the Langstons.
My condominium.
(no comment).
Kirk's brontosaurus horse,
his goat rabbit,
and his U.S.A.
(no need to comment).
Parker's head-butt.
("You of all people should have known those were goats Kirk.)
Accusations over Lara's Canada.
("Where's your Canada Lara?")
Fights over where to draw the line in ruling out gestures.
("Eye contact.  It's not a problem until you make eye contact.")
And oh so much more.
If I could paint you a better picture I would
(but if I paint as well as I draw...
well, you get the picture). 

6.  I'm in love with interval training and television.
The combination of the two,
not just one or the other.
It makes time fly when I'm running.
I don't feel like an absolute bum for having invested an hour of my life on shows like Glee & the Bachelor
(ok, I do still feel like a bit of a bum...
I'm embarrassed that I look like a typical Bachelor addict.
I like to think I'm above that.
Obviously I'm not.
And is it just me or is Glee a bit too trashy this season?)
I'm grateful for the technologies that let me run and watch TV at the same time.
Who knew the object of every couch potato's affection could actually make me skinnier?

7.  I just scored an $88 make-up kit from Ulta for free.
This is not typical of my day-to-day.
I just wanted to share.
(And no I did not steal it.
I just came in on the tail end of a sweet promotion.
happy day!)

8. My car seems to be falling to pieces...literally.
I went to the post office the other day to mail off my mom's birthday present when CRUNCH...
I leveled a mini iceberg.
It did not sink my wheeled Titanic,
didn't damage it cosmetically either,
so I assumed all was well.
'Til I heard the scraping on the freeway.
I decided to try and make it home before taking a peek
but as I rounded the corner, CRUNCH!
The plastic protector thing-a-ma-bob that lines my wheel well broke free.
I tracked it down as it made a run for it on Olympic Way and chucked it in my trunk.
Dumb ice.
Luckily I think it's just a few bolts short of a full recovery.
And it's given me a good excuse to have a REAL mechanic check out my check engine light
(I learned the hard way that a Jiffy Lube diagnostic is both pointless and pricy.
Thank you oil men for charging me $20 just to reiterate to me that a check engine light means I should take my car to a REAL mechanic to, 
wait for it... 
check my engine!
grease monkeys).
We'll be giving baby Honda a bit of TLC just as soon as the day-to-day dies down
(a.k.a. I have no idea when I'll be taking it in).
We'll make time.

9.  Many a slow day at the bank.
Whether it's the cold weather, the holiday, the post-January slam slump, or perhaps something sinister (this I doubt),
we've had back-to-back SLOW weeks
which makes for very long days.
Fortunately, we have a fun team,
which makes for creative in-between customer activities like:
banker scrabble,
mini-football games,
plastic-wrap PIG competitions,
tutorials on how to accurately shoot rubberbands
(I am no good at this),
story swapping,
and, on the slowest days, a bit of angry birds.

Oh and to answer your question,
yes, we are a professional banking institution.
Moving on...

10. Brother Parker's Book of Mormon manual!
This has been the best part of our day-to-day by far.
I feel like I've spent so much of my life cramming my scripture study into my schedule.
I had too many semesters in college where I studied without purpose,
let the school studies with REAL deadlines take precedence,
and treated my religion classes as credit fillers.
I listened.
I learned.
But I never really STUDIED,
at least not the way I'd hoped to.
But these days, religion is my one and only course
and I can study all I want!
I'm loving every aspect of this new set-up,
like having the time to put events in historical context,
cross reference,
and think in terms of how it relates to my life and my day.
I'm seeing the bigger picture
and it is pretty fun!
This is a definite perk of the 9-5 life.
And one of the many reasons, again,
that I'm loving living it.

happy Wednesday (again)!!!
I really am looking forward to another day just like it.


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  2. I SO miss watching you and the girls play soccer. I may check for a $59 flight and catch one of your games if/when you get to playoffs!
    And by the way...your dad is getting a bit over-confident about his "scrabble" app---I still keep hearing about how he broke 400 AND how he keeps beating me. Guess I'll have to quit my job and go online to find 84 point two-letter words...hmmm
    Glad you're loving/enduring your 9 to 5!