Monday, March 14, 2011

spring forward

is kind of like getting a Brazilian bikini wax.

The process is unsettling, uncomfortable, and at times just plain awful.

In theory, it’s supposed to be a bit more tolerable each time you do it.
But the truth is, no matter how much time you have to mentally prepare for it
the experience isn’t ever a welcome one.

You wonder why on earth anyone would ever think to create such a thing.
Can’t nature sort anything out on its own?
Apparently not
or so we say/believe.

so we step in and make nature do what we think it should have done from the start.
What is it about our human nature that makes us feel the need to control everything?
That’s always intrigued me.  

We go through all this not because we want to,
not because it’s easy,
not because it even makes sense,
but because we know the end result is going to be so incredibly worth it.
And it is.
It always is.

I’ll just always hold out hope that we’ll find a way to forego the painful stages and skip on ahead to the splendid end.
‘til then…I’ll just try to be a tough buck and brave through it,
Remembering that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

so to sum up…
spring forward.
I don’t like you much.
I dread each time I’m reminded we’re due for a visit because,
no matter how far I know in advance,
I’m neither physically nor mentally prepared for your arrival.

You think I’d work on getting more sleep early in the week.
or going to bed earlier the night prior.
You think I’d think twice before planning parties with start times so late into the night
or just embrace the fact that I’m going to be a zombie for the next few days because of it.
But I never do.
And I doubt I ever will.

Our twenty-first encounter seemed just as painful as our first.
And I am willing to bet money our twenty-second will be much the same.
Who knew losing just an hour of sleep could make me feel so absolutely out-of-whack?

I will give you this.
When 7:00 p.m. came ‘round tonight
and I roused from my post-spring forward slumber to the warm glow of an amber-hued room,
the orange-red rays streaming through my bedroom window reminiscent of those of a summer sun at dusk.
I felt hopeful.
and happy.
And just this close to forgiving you fully for being the burdensome red-headed step-child of daylight savings.

so yeah…
now that that’s behind us,
I’ll say what I really came to say.

Thanks for bringing spring.
I pray it’s here to stay.

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