Tuesday, April 12, 2011


'til just yesterday I didn't believe it existed.
I'd written it off as a tried-and-true trademark.
A label formed and fashioned for the sole purpose of selling a product.

but I was wrong.
though it's known by its own name,
it's every bit deserving of this trademarked title.

I discovered it on my day off.
Though I'd known for quite awhile that I needed to make an adjustment or two to that aspect of my wardrobe,
I never could convince myself to make the time
or the investment.
Parker was floored when he found out just how much bras cost.
VS bras especially. 
I tried using a downhill analogy help him understand.
"You boys buy Santa Cruz bikes because..."
"They're the best.  
Best geometry.  Best suspension.  Best design."
And I buy VS bras because..."
"You like to spend money."
(Why do I bother?)

But Wednesday I had the time
and an incentive to make the investment.
love love LOVE those discount cards.
and came away with,
you guessed it,
 my wonderbra.

When the sales associate handed me "my size" I literally 
laughed out loud.

Her response:
"Don't think about it."

so I didn't.
and I'm so happy I didn't.
because in the world where fit is everything,
I can confidently say that I've finally found the perfect fit.
so perfect, in fact, that I came away with 2 that day!

the only problem now...
making room in the budget for at least one more.
or maybe 4.
 to replace the collection that's two sizes too small.

but we'll worry about that another day.
and spend today celebrating my great find,
encouraging everyone to go and get sized,
and laughing at Parker's comically positive reaction when he spotted my new purchase in its little pink bag.

"It's so soft!"
"I know! I love it."
"It's softer than my pillow!
Maybe I could...?"
"No sweetie."
"Yeah you're right...
I'd probably snag it with my man-scruff."

"What's this?"
"That's the wire."
"Oh...this one's got good suspension!"
"It's called support sweetie."
"That makes sense."

oh how I love his little learning curve
and the fact that he loves to learn.
too cute!

this made me laugh...

isn't it interesting that bra-shopping is the only time we'll willingly 
(and even happily)
go up a size?
shoes, jeans, & dresses
totally different story.
funny no?

I thought so.

'til next time...


  1. "You're killin' me smalls!" (are you too young to recognize that quote?) ya just crack me up :-) Love you!