Friday, April 1, 2011


oh little minions...
i just love you!
watching these mini-movies is like popping little yellow happy pills!
but that's beside the point.

i started and ended my trip home with my favorite friend.
we have one of those bittersweet relationships
if you will.
it's absolutely unhealthy 
and wrong on so many levels.
i feel absolutely awful by the end of our time together
and so guilty too.
i know i'd be better off without him.
i'd be healthier,
with a wealth of cash and confidence.
but i just can't stand the thought of ever giving him up.
at times he's beyond sweet
and seems, 
to me,
to be exactly what i need
'til I come to my senses and realize I sought out a deceivingly empty source of comfort 
for all the wrong reasons too.
to be honest,
i think the my main draw is the rush I feel when i see him.
i never plan our little trysts.
never know what's happening until I'm there.
i say this only to ease my conscience.
I fully know these "serendipitous" encounters are the result of an impulsive subconscious.
i know what i'm doing when i do it,
even if i like to pretend i don't.

in sum,
he's my forbidden fruit.
dangerously appealing.
delicious to the taste.
the off-limits love i can't help but crave.

my bapple.

oh golly!
you do not know the real meaning of sweet until you've tried Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's "Apple Pie" apple.
"Bapple" became Parker's pet name for my sugary sweet treat the night he discovered just how much I hate to share.
(hence the minion movie)
I tried and tried to convince him to buy his own.
He insisted he didn't need a whole apple,
that he'd be happy with a bite of mine.
I feigned sympathy.
"oh honey! you've been working nonstop all week. you deserve this!
we've been so good with saving too!"
no go.
so i tried sarcasm.
"okay. i suppose you can play martyr tonight. i'll "take one for the team" tomorrow and skip my shower so we can afford to pay for yours k?"
no go again.
and now he's borderline bugged.
And so I confess,
"I'm sorry sweetie.  I's MY apple.
I just love it so much.
And, well...I love you too.
and if I have to share I will.
but, um, if you got your own..."

"You don't have to share with me Chels,"
he laughs
"Go get your bapple."

end story.

*to my credit, I did share.
but only a little...
now that i've dedicated 90% of my post to exploring that obsession
I made my way home the weekend before last for an itty bitty spring break.
With Parker's last minute plans to head south to St. George for a brother's biking trip and a free flight in reserve I figured
what the heck!
i'm taking a trip to the 775.

so I hopped on the phone with rapid rewards and,
a quick 90 minutes later
(85 of which I spent on hold)
i had a Friday night flight

I'd been missing home quite a bit lately.
We crammed so much fun and so many visits into our Christmas trip that I'd forgotten what felt like to just be home
to sleep in my own bed,
well...the guest bed.
Haley'd laid claim to my room by my second year of college
which is A-okay.
i only ever used my room as a closet anyway.
a BIG closet.
(which I'm convinced gave me my unrealistic expectations about how much storage space one should have/require).
for some reason i always preferred sleeping on the couch.
or the bonus room bed.
i guess you could say i was a bit of a bed nomad.
special thanks to Parker and our little apartment for helping me change my ways.
(please reread the last big print line before my babbling tangent.
if you proceed without doing so this list will no longer make sense).
spend time with my family,
and reacquaint myself with the simple life of Sparks
or should I say acquaint myself?
i've never not been busy in that city.

so yes!
I couldn't wait to be home.

My flight left Salt Lake at 5:10 Friday afternoon,
touching ground in Reno by 5:40.
I love, love, love skipping back to Pacific Standard Time!
I wish I could have an extra hour every day.
and i think i lied about those flight times.
we waited to board for over an hour.
oh well.
you get the point.
I bought a bapple at the airport,
of course.
Did you know there's a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there?!
it's just past security. 
i tried so hard to resist.
ok, that's a lie too.
i googled all the stores in the valley once.
so i knew.
and i planned on it.
i'm not proud of it...
read a thought-provoking Spirit magazine article on brains,
post on that to come...
dozed off just long enough to miss out on my free in-flight beverage,
i've decided the cran-apple juice on planes is just magical.
it tastes so much better 30,000 feet in the air
prayed I'd find my luggage on the carousel,
do you ever worry it's going to disappear?
lost luggage scares me.
then made my way out to meet the fam.
let the fun begin!

our adventures?
and intended lack there-of
(remember I wanted some real R&R)
seafood louie's
and an embarrassing run-in @ the Nugget.
have you ever forgotten someone you should absolutely know
and tried to fake your way through the conversation,
only to realize afterward how absolutely unconvincing all of your comments must have been?
makes you feel like a pretty terrible person no?
i'm still feeling it...
am-A-zing movie!
sleeping in
i won't say 'til when.
just know it was glorious.
hitting the gym
i've never laughed so hard during an ab work-out.
mom + chelsey + haley + stability balls = chaos & hilarity
it wouldn't be home without it :)
Mimi's Cafe
& lunch salads the size of serving bowls.
i wanted to pop.

frozen yogurt
to talk wedding plans with the Proulxs.
i just love that family.
and their latest addition too :)
pictures with Molly
i will never attempt a photo with a canine again.
i don't care how cute she is.
i fed her a whole roll of saltine crackers,
watched my jeans be slathered in slobber,
endured all sorts of heavy, stinky breathing in my face,
and still ended up with this 
(50+ takes later).
The world will never know just how cute you are Miss Molly.
we tried.
(is this somewhat similar to taking pictures with little ones?
my guess is yes.
but that's just a guess.)
Sunday meetings in my home ward
it's changed quite a bit in the last few years.
even the name's changed!
*wingfield hills...psh*
but there's still more than enough 8th Ward veterans to make it feel like home,
and that's why i love going back.
I love my ward family.
I adore the people there.
They taught me what it means to live and love the Gospel
and made and still make me feel like I can be anything and do everything,
and I can't tell you how much that means to me.
Sunday dinner
i cooked.
it actually turned out.
so well,
in fact,
that my dad thinks it's a miracle meal.
he's convinced it's the reason he dropped 2 lbs in 2 days.
talk about a weight loss tool!
i'm thinking i should sell it :)
YW's meetings
what would a weekend with my mom be without a meeting? :)
i tagged along just for kicks
(and to see a few more of my favorite people).
blew my mind to see girls I led in leadership roles.
they're so grown up!
kind of crazy.
dad being the timer Nazi.
mom yelling at the timer
(and dad).
Haley cool as a cucumber.
and me just a little bored
but a giggling mess all the same.
why is my family so funny?
i just love them.
and games with them.
oh so funny!
just blissful!
sushi time
unusual chopstick methods
(a chopstick is not a fork
nor should it be used like one)
crystal shrimp 
watching mom choke down a roll that
"tastes like slugs"
my best Sparks sushi experience ever.

(I can't relive the slugs moment without laughing,
"Nobody told me?!"
"Well, we needed someone to try it...").
We owe you Mom :)
family time
This was by far my favorite part of the trip.
I love my family so much.
I never believed it growing up,
but it's absolutely clear to me now that they all are 
-and always will be- 
my very best friends.

Mom & Dad-
I love you.  
I wonder every day how it is that I was blessed to come into your home.
There's no place that makes me happier.
No two people who make me smile more.
I love that our family loves to laugh;
that you taught us that.
I learned from you too what it means to work
and take pride in that work too.
You helped me develop ambition and drive
and always, always believed in me.
You've been my best cheerleaders
and biggest support.
I know the sacrifices you made you give me everything;
I so hope you know what that means to me.

I learned how to love others and make friends
and learned that blessing the lives of others through service is the best way to be a friend. 
I've been the beneficiary of your generosity for far too many years
and was again this weekend.
And though I know you don't expect a thing in return, 
I wonder each and every day what I could possibly do to give back even the tiniest bit of what you've given me.
I've not the slightest clue what to do just yet,
so for now just know how that I love you
so. much.
and I always, always will.

And Haley-
I love you too!  
I grew up thinking we were both so different.  
We're not.  
Not at all.  
And it's so fun for me to see just how much we are the same.
From our thoughts, ideas, and opinions
to our super silly mannerisms, crazy eyes, and dumb jokes,
we're like two tubby little peas in a pod.
I'm so happy we're friends!
so glad we can chat.
so lucky to have someone to laugh at mom & dad with.
and so blessed to have such an amazing example in my life
(especially in a younger sibling.
isn't is supposed to be the other way?)
I am so excited about all the fun you're going to have in these next few years.
I wish you lived closer : /
Come visit soon okay?
Love you Miss Hay!

And Molly & Paws...
I absolutely love you too!
(if you could read I'd expound on that.
i'm sure you understand.)

and of course I got
one last bapple.

I loved every minute of my trip home.
Funny how a city can have such a special place in your heart.
No matter how many years I spend away,
I think I'll always call this place home.
I realized this the night we went to the Sparks Century 14 theaters.
I made a life for myself in Provo when I came to college.
I'm making my married life here in Salt Lake.
We'll make a life for ourselves in a new city for dental school.
And we'll raise our family in a new town too.
And I know, from past and present experience,
that we'll spend many nights out at the movies.
But I believe,
I'm convinced,
that I'll never find another hometown theater.
 if that makes sense...

Monday night came.
I said goodbye to Sparks.
4 calls to rapid rewards
3 flight changes
2 planes
and a 5 hour delay later
I made it home sweet home to Salt Lake City,
my adorable husband,
and the most exciting surprise.

stay tuned...

*Thanks again family for everything!
I miss it all already.
Love you so much!*


  1. oh man. shane i got a nasty stomach flu two summers ago. right before we "found out" we had it, we had eaten one of those "bapples". oh man, and i fear i will never look at them the same. seeing all those pictures makes me want to hurl still haha. but yay for home! sounds like a good vacation!

  2. We LOVED having you home, Chels...even if it was for just the weekend. Tell Parker "thank you" for letting us have you for a couple of extra days.
    I do miss my personal trainer ~ what will Haley and I do without you to keep us focused, torture us with medicine balls, circuit training, etc.
    I think a weekend at home with us for facials, food and family should become an annual event.
    Can't wait to see you at your graduation!
    Love you...(ps)I love those little Minions, too!

  3. P.S. Molly wants a cracker :)

  4. How fun, it's always so great to go home and visit family. I am sorry for your flight drama...the idea of flying gives me a ulcer now because of the premeditaded drama that is to come..anyways glad you had fun.