Thursday, November 3, 2011

good news minute [meet caden]

remember this little peanut?
baby Chandler
at 8 weeks & 2 days

due September 2011
guess what...
same little peanut!!!
but now he has sweet little non-webbed fingers and toes and is WAY bigger than a kidney bean.

Caden Michael Chandler
[the stats]
welcomed to the world on
Thursday, September 8
4:19 p.m.
8 pounds 2 ounces
21 inches long
and stealing the hearts of his loving parents
Michael & Kayla
and anyone who's held him since.
his FB debut said it all:
"Baby Caden is here! He is so handsome and absolutely perfect!!!"
This little guy is spunky and spirited and the wiggliest wiggle worm
{all signs of an athlete in the making}.
I'm nearly certain he's a baby Einstein too
{like a legit mini-genius}.
I'm convinced that this newborn's curiosity levels are off the charts!
He seems so intent on seeing and exploring this BIG world he's in
{while his infant peers spend their first weeks in a half coma}
and we are absolutely, positively in love with him!
pictures of cute babies
pictures of cute husband holding cute babies
desire to have cute babies with cute husband and take all sorts of cute pictures sooner than we probably should
He is, without question, the cutest litte conehead we know!

Chandler family!!!
We love you all to pieces! 

Parker's two cents...
"Michael & Kayla make parenting look easy. 
We're lucky they're the ones pioneering this whole parenting thing." 
"Why's that sweetie?"
"They make me feel like we could totally pull it off..."
" when it happens..."
[longer pause]
"...not like right this second..."
[even longer pause]
"...'cause we can't even get ourselves on a schedule and babies need schedules."
[a pregnant pause]
hehehe--i'm so punny!
"Or maybe our baby will be as bad at schedules as we are.
If they're anything like you they'll never make their due dates."
"...or maybe they will?"
[more silence]
"...because they'll be so excited to see you!"
[still silent]
"Oh bebe, all I'm sayin' is Caden is one lucky baby..."
I absolutely agree.
[but remain silent nonetheless]
"...and that someday we'll have lucky babies too."
let's just enjoy their lucky baby for now though k?"
hey bebe?"
 "Maybe we can start practicing your bedtime too..."
[here we go...]

To whomever sent the best baby to the best parents, making for the best and sweetest little family on our besties list...
thank you - thank you - thank you!
[maybe we'll plan a little girl for 2014 so we can marry them off and make this best friends forever thing a reality...
Allow for a subconscious {love-at-first-sight} moment by bringing 3-year-old Caden to see the little one at the hospital
"What do you say to the baby Caden?"
"I wuv you bebe."
Plan for 2014 baby girl Chandler too so the girls can grow up as BFF's, always keeping her in his peripheral.
 Schedule loads of play dates before Caden learns about cooties and wants nothing to do with girls.
Move away for a few years while the two work through their awkward phases;
no need to let those images taint their impressions of one another...
{Caden will likely skip this phase altogether.
I wish I could confidently say the same for ours...
the best I can do is spare them from visor bangs and hope their teeth come in quickly like their daddy's so we can all avoid the drama of high school orthodontics.
If you've ever developed a bucky beaver smile after years with a straight one and then been forced to use ortho was to weakly camouflage the chasm between your two fron teeth you know it's traumatizing.
I still wonder how I managed to keep all my friends...}
A few years pass
we send her off to her sophomore year of college just as he's wrapping up the post-mission adjustment period,
execute covert operation "first date" under the guise of an Amazing-Race themed "family" date in celebration of the two of you,
deliberately pull all the cliche embarrassing-parent stunts to give them a reason to ally together and sympathize with one another
set things in motion for a classic little love story
{where the unsuspecting children chalk the marriage up to fate},
then literally "seal the deal" in the SLC Temple
{or maybe a destination wedding?}
and wait for the next generation of ridiculously good-looking little people.]

I mean, we'll have to talk details.
It's not like I've really thought anything through...
coming up...
good news minute [DeMille en Chile]


  1. I thought this little guy was too! Cute! P.S. Love your blog!

  2. he's adorable but I must say that it should be a sin to just put good news and a picture of an ultrasound. um. hello I literally screamed so loud drew ran to see what was wrong with porter.