Thursday, November 3, 2011

good news minute [reprise]

remember this post?
I do.
It's the day I was shocked to find people welcoming a reprieve from the
"Look at me! 
Look at us!
Would you take a look at this LIFE??? heck.
It is so awesome. 
Isn't it so awesome?
How do lives get this awesome?
Probably because the people living them are so AWESOME!
and so ridiculously good-looking too.
There are so many people who would KILL 
[and/or have major reconstructive surgery] 
to have Spongebob's Square-body.
We are seriously so blessed." 
Parker-and-Chelsey show content that's so frequently featured here.
I know right?

[think of how many times you've seen this picture people...
whatever the number is I'm sure it's too many.]

I'm typically not one to encourage bad behavior
[why I don't drink milk with cereal floaties],
perpetuate unhealthy habits
[why I sleep for at least 2 hours when I nap],
or condone any degree of indulgence in guilty pleasures
[why I never eat the whole tub of s'mores ice cream in one sitting].

And I'm never one willing to be party to playing to the masses.
But I suppose
...just this once...
I maybe-might-will sell out for readership.
You may-can-will thank me later.

introducing the only sequel you'll ever enjoy more than the original
[other than Shrek 2]
good news minute:
2 much 2 say 2 day
-so we're breaking it up-

five friends
five posts
and five months of our lives coming at you in
[spolier alert]
it's all happy endings.
no Kardashian-esque marriages.
72 days.
no crazy WTF celeb baby names.
the list goes on...
no apocalyptic natural disasters
our South American sisters seem to be safe and sound
minus the earthquakes,
flooded streets, 
donkey stampedes, 
and bus-boarding dangers of course.

it's a genuinely good good news minute.
happy reading!!!

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