Tuesday, March 29, 2011

good news minute

so I think we should start by breathing a big sigh of relief that I am officially done with my psycho-babble blogging and back to keeping it light.
oh happy day!

I'll start off by saying that my title's a bit misleading.
We have no big news
but some of my very favorite people do!!!
so please indulge me in this good news minute.
I needed an outlet to celebrate.
I am so, so, so excited!
Mrs. Kayla Chandler kicked off the good news express with this little peanut...
baby Chandler
at 8 weeks & 2 days
due September 2011

It absolutely floors my that one of my very best friends is going to have a baby!
either because I am so absolutely unprepared for that stage of life or because it feels like just yesterday that we were Lady Raiders playing our way to the 2007 state title.
I have no question in my mind that she will be the best mom.
Kayla is one of the most genuinely sweet and sincere people I've ever met
and I'm certain Heavenly Father only let me have her as a friend so that I could learn from her example
which is why I'll be paying close attention to what I know will be perfect parenting.
I'm convinced her little one will be one of the cutest and best dispositioned babies who's ever bounced on down to this earth
and am preparing now to have absolutely unrealistic expectations of what to expect when we bring home our first little bundle of joy.
I'm just so excited to meet you baby Chandler!
hurry here...but not too quick!

Congrats Michael and Kayla on your growing family!
We love all 3 of you.
Our next sweet surprise came when Parker's younger sister Kaitlin received a letter from the First Presidency calling her to the 
Chile Viña del Mar mission!
This makes her the seventh of all seven of Parker's siblings to serve a mission
Did I marry into the most amazing family or what?!
and I know she is going to be an incredible missionary.
We are all so proud of her for her willingness to serve the Lord and I am convinced her constant efforts to try and find the best in people, kindness, and ability to understand and relate with others will be the first of many reasons the people there will come to love her just as much as we do.

Hermana DeMille will be speaking español as she shares the Gospel with the Chilean people in one of their most beautiful cities
according to Wikipedia its iridescent-white sandy beaches, sunny climate, and grandiose resorts make it the nation's vacation capital.
I did just learn from Kaitlin, however, that her mission extends down into the Atacama Desert, one of the driest deserts in the world.
I'll be sending loads of Secret Wonderland lotion your way Kaits, promise!

We trekked down to Richfield this last weekend to hear her farewell talk.
The bishopric assigned her the topic of "Following Christ," and I honestly can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciated her insights.
just exactly what I needed to hear.

We'll miss her so much these next 18 months,
but I suppose we can lend her back to the Lord for this little window of time
but only because He's let us keep her the last 22 years.  

Counting down the days 'til April 6th!
We love you Kaits!
From the moment I knew I'd fallen in love with Parker, 
I wanted,
more than anything,
for my best friends to find love too.
and I insisted they find it 
right. that. instant.

The main reason I hoped and prayed they'd soon be living out their love story is because I wanted them to be happy, 
of course.
And then there were the little reasons...
the more selfish reasons...
that centered around my unwillingness to allow anything in our relationship to change
because, up until that point, we'd always been on exactly the same page.

I wanted married friends I could talk to about married things and plan married vacations with,
and I wanted them asap

I'm amazed their eyeballs aren't forever fixated on the back of their brains from their constant dismissals of my musings that, 
before they knew it, 
they'd be loving married life too.

The eye rolls, the laughs, the exasperated sighs
I know you both wish you could take it all back...

Jill blushed when she caught the bouquet
and Nicole nearly fainted when I suggested she be a bit more forward if she wanted to catch the attention of her summer crush.
I can't remember if you ever thanked me for that little hint.
Not to worry!
I'll just put it on my friend tab.
You can name a kid after me or something.

But, somehow,
months before my first anniversary,
both these girls have diamonds fiancées who've replaced me as their bestest friend.
which I think I may actually be okay with.
Cute Aaron decided to make the most of their "candid" moment at their photo shoot and surprised Jilly with a proposal.
(this is what it sounds like in my head any time I think about Jilly getting MARRIED)
oh so exciting!

Now that it is officially official, 
I am so happy to announce that
Jillian Rose Proulx is engaged to marry Aaron Michael Prado
this August 5, 2011 
in the Reno, Nevada Temple.
hooray for hometown weddings!

I love seeing my Jilly Bean so incredibly happy and I am so excited to have Aaron sealed into our little friend circle forever.
Yes, I am convinced that the girls and I are as close as you come to being family without actually being family.
And yes, I do believe we'll be together forever.
I really do.
I'm so excited to see all her wedding plans come together because,
in case you can't tell from the pictures,
these two might possibly be the classiest looking couple you'll ever see
which naturally makes for a beautiful wedding!
I'm so looking forward to your big day
and the moment you'll both say yes to forever.
Love you two!
And as if one summer wedding isn't enough for the Sparks Girls,
Nicole & Kip will tie the knot 
July 1, 2011
in the Salt Lake City Temple!
(this is the sound in my head any time I think about Nicole becoming MRS. Kip Stomberg)
it makes me so, so happy!

 Kip pulled out all the stops
and a marquis diamond!
when he asked Nicole to be his forever.
A candle-lit walkway to a blanket of daisies overlooking the valley,
followed by his rendition of her all-time favorite love song at an adorable little table-for-two.
I think you really made her "feel your love" with that incredibly sweet serenade Kipper.
SO romantic!

I love that Kip is one of those people who makes you feel like you've always been best friends forever from the first moment you meet him.
I'm so happy Nicole found him and I just love seeing how much he absolutely adores her.
They are the cutest couple and the biggest cuddle-bugs you'll ever meet.
Don't be embarrassed Colie. 
I think it's super sweeet.
And you deserve every bit of this happiness!

I am absolutely ecstatic I get to be a part of your big day
and cannot wait for you two to promise forever!
Love you both!
And hooray for married friends!
Fish, fish I got my wish!
I always do...
Smack dab between these engagements Miss Tiffany received her own letter from the First Presidency announcing her call to serve in the 
Paraguay Asunción North Mission.
Can you believe it?
Hermana deVries's first time outside the country will take her all the way down to South America for 15 months!
I'm excluding the first 3 spent in the MTC where she'll be learning how to speak-o the Spanish.

I'm so impressed with Tiffany and her prayerfulness in coming to the decision to serve a mission.  It'll be hard for our little scholar to spend that time away from school, but I'm convinced that her break from chemistry and physiology and microbiology and every other -ology will be to her benefit
I can almost picture her brain jumping for joy at the thought of its upcoming 18-month break from science.
hooray for new study material!

I know Tiff's infectious laugh and exuberant personality will make her an absolute hit with the Paraguayan people.  But as much as her smile can light up a room, I'm convinced it'll be the power of her testimony that changes the lives of the people there.  She's one of the strongest saints I know.  

I can't wait to see all that Heavenly Father has in store for her.

Counting down the days 'til July 27th Miss Tiff!
We love you!
I wish I could add my getting more than 4 hours sleep to the good news minute, but it really doesn't look like that's happening tonight.

Nonetheless, I am ecstatic for all the months ahead.
the wedding planning,
letter writing,
baby shower hosting,
and all the smiles & happiness each one of these BIG life moments is certain to bring.
which, in my case, includes quite a few happy tears too.
I take after the rain-bird...

Congratulations girls!
here's to staying friends through every stage of life...
love you all!


  1. Hey - call me soon, I've got a question for you.

    Love ya.

  2. Wow, when it rains it pours! And it's all good stuff pouring down. You all make me feel "old" as you girls are moving on...give everyone a hug from "Momma White". Couldn't be happier with the good news minute. Safe travels to Kaitlin, too!

  3. Dad says that we (he)stay the same...it's just the kids getting old :-) That's how they'll catch up some day. Congrats all the way around - what an exciting year this will be for all of you!