Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cheers to the bride & groom!!!

My little Kayla Gomer is MARRIED!!! And the coolest part is that it's to one of my best friends.

We made a marathon road trip home from Shasta to celebrate Kayla & Michael Chandler. We left around 3:00 a.m. Nevada time to make it to their 2:00 p.m. reception in Bear Lake, UT. We looked like hobos, slept like bums, and had wild hair because of our weak car inverter, but we made it! We wouldn't have missed this day for the world!

The girls and I set Michael & Kayla up during our Amazing Race group date this past fall and things just took off from there. There is no question in my mind that these two will be so incredibly happy together. Kayla is a sweetheart through and through and I've known, ever since I met her little eleven-year-old self, that she would be the best wife and mother to her future family. We've had a million memories together through years of YW's, soccer & school and I'm so grateful for the friend and example she's been to me.

Michael made my sophomore year at BYU an absolute blast! After getting over our mistaken first impressions, Mansion 28 & 24 became the best of friends. He was the best little FHE brother a girl could ask for and teased and taunted me like any big brother would. He has a competitive drive and ambition that inspires me to work harder. We've been snowboarding buddies, road-trip allies, Risk enemies, marriage prep chatter-boxes, and had a million more memories together. I've always thought he deserved the best and I absolutely believe he's found that in Kayla.

Their wedding was gorgeous—everything I would've dreamed of for my own if Utah May's weren't so incredibly unpredictable. Bear Lake is MASSIVE...I had no idea...and her family's property is gorgeous. The white chairs and tables with her pretty aquamarine and lime green bows were just perfect. The new Kayla Chandler was an absolutely stunning bride and Michael couldn't stop smiling. It was the sweetest thing! I hope your day was everything you two dreamed of and I'm so grateful we had the opportunity to share it with you.

And really, who could ask for a more beautiful setting for mine & Parker's post-houseboat reunion. I LOVED this day!!! Congrats to the newest bride & groom! We are SO stoked to finally have married friends. Love you two!

Tiffany was SO stoked to have her amigo Devon back. Doesn't she look happy???
I love my Parker so so much!!! I was SO happy to see him after my week at Shasta. He means the world to me.
My super mom who drove through the night on ZERO sleep and still looks amazing!
Kayla's cute little sister/bridesmaid Kensie with the houseboat hobos. Friends are forever!

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