Wednesday, June 9, 2010

veggie tales

I love vegetables...unfortunately my husband does too.

Sunday night Lara decided to be super sister and load up the poor little newlyweds with real food. She boxed up an amazing pasta salad and some yummy homemade granola too! We tried to insist that we were okwe've felt like the biggest mooches lately (you've girls have been rubbing off on me! J), but the minute we started picking through our salad and fighting over the veggies like ravenous wolves we lost all credibility.

We eventually convinced Lara our consciences and bellies couldn't handle any more and headed out to the car.

Here's the conversation from there:

(in the driveway)
Parker: Beeder, I heard a lid. You're in that pasta salad again aren't you?

Chelsey: (chewing) No.........

Parker: Beeder! You're eating all the veggies. Git over here!

(Parker lunges across the console and starts rifling through the tupperware. A little finger war ensues and before I know it Parker's biting my arm as I'm nudging his head away with my elbow and forehead [both hands were on the holding the bowl, one sifting for veggies mind you].)

Chelsey: (after about 3 minutes of this.) Babe, we look like hobos. If Lara walks out and sees us she's going to send home her whole pantry.

Parker: I found another tomato sucker!

Chelsey: You little...

(fight resumes)

It ended eventually. I just laughed and laughed all the way home about how ridiculous we were. Then to spite him I ate the yogurt Lara sent J(I'm the best little wife, I know).

Oh boy! Just another night of marital bliss! JJJ we're opting out of counseling and going for an expanded grocery out Costco!


  1. Survival of the fittest, there's nothing like it! You crack me up :)


  2. Oh you should have tried that yogurt with the granola, it is so yummy! And we still have lots of pasta salad, I should have given you each your own container! Next time.

  3. oh I did Lara, trust me. so yummy! you were right, definitely better than yoplait :) and i swear i do feed him and we do eat. i think there was just some competitive carry-over from demon...

  4. You guys are so retarded I love it!

  5. ugggh I need to stop reading your blog beeder! Its making me jealous and not being close to family and making me miss you guys more! :-) I think paul would get along with all of you so well! :-) Dont ever take the closeness for granted