Tuesday, June 29, 2010

guilty pleasures

I know what you're thinking and I will be honest, I'm so ashamed!!! I haven't watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette really ever because I've always detested reality shows and their scripted drama. It makes me nauseous to see how many housewives get hooked on soap operas. And even though the Bachelorette isn't exactly a soap opera, I have to admitif I'm being honest with myselfthat this is the next closest thing. Ratings for these shows and entertainment news are through the roof because our society, for some reason, thrives on watching and hearing about other people's drama. Why is that??? I swear our lives are not this small...

But alas, mine is.

I didn't see it coming. I thought I was above it all. I thought I had the strength to withstand temptation.
But no.
I didn't.
And now I'm hooked.
And I'm dragging my husband down with me.

I was at Gold's one night a few weeks back trying to put a dent in my half marathon training when it happened. I was tired. I needed a distraction. Anyone who's tried to run a significant distance on a treadmill will understand. Then I saw it.

It was mid-show and as trashy as it ever is. The bachelors and bachelorette were making a music video together. I mocked it. Rolled my eyes at least a dozen times. I even recounted my experience to Parker when I got home and expressed my disbelief at how and why anyone would subject themselves to such a situation. But the truth is, I finished my run quicker than I have in a long while and never even noticed any signs of fatigue. I felt great!!! And I wanted that feeling again.

Note the signs of drug addiction.
The Bachelorette was quickly becoming my TV/running fix.

The next week I went at the same time and had a similar experience. Except this time, instead of my extensive mocking, I found myself becoming an advocate for a few of the candidates. I had favorites now. And the teaser trailers had me worried. I had to watch and make sure they were ok.

The week after I made Parker watch with me. He shook his head in disbelief as I had, but I could tell it was slowly growing on him too. He started teasing about "cross-eyes" (a.k.a. Frank if you watch the show) and making predictions with me about who wouldn't be getting a rose.

We stayed up until midnight last night streaming the show online to "catch up" after my week on the houseboat. I love that this is something we do together. I love spending time with my husband. I love that he makes fun of it. And I feel more and more grateful for our relationship each time I watch.

I just feel silly that I am now one of those people I used to make fun of.

Se la vie.
What goes around comes around right chelly belly???

J Go Kirk!!!! J


  1. Just so ya know...every year I find that I have become a little more of what I once mocked :-) Parenthood has been the biggest 'eat my words' event ever ("I'll NEVER do that with my kids" HA!) Welcome to the other side, kid, glad to have ya :-) I say whatever gets you thru the miles, go with it! Love you!

  2. Yeah, have to agree with mom on that one... Plus it's nice to have a break from reality with the hokey reality shows (I got hooked last year).

  3. I wish I could get Steve to watch it with me lol :)! I love Ali and I already know who won too ;)!

  4. No way Cara! How do you know??? You have to tell me!!! I bet it'll help me get over it :)

  5. Chelsey don't be asahmed! Ok--since your confessing, I will too. I love this show...I've watched it for YEARS!!! It's so pathetic but you get hooked so easily!

    P.S. My personal favorite is Ricardo (or whatever his name is) he's a sexy mexy ;)