Tuesday, June 15, 2010

making memories of us

Saturday marked our one month anniversary. Can you believe it??? It seems like time is flying by for the two of us. We're practically veterans at this marriage thing...

Really though, we've had such an amazing first month togetherwe sealed the deal (quite literally) in the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple, celebrated the occasion with our closest friends, family and peacocks at La Caille (those little buggers drive me crazy!!! [yes, I mean you family...k i'm kidding, I meant the peacocks], soaked up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, made the move to Salt Lake City together, found jobs (Chelsey at Wells Fargo and Parker at an engineering firm called CEMT), celebrated Memorial Day with family in the Southern Utah sun, started training for a half marathon, and played more rounds of Red Demon than I can even count (I've created little monsters...)!

We decided to honor our busy first month of marital bliss with an action-packed anniversary.
We started out attempting a 6-mile run up the Pipeline Trail of Mill Creek Canyon. I learned a lesson in preparedness when a) we couldn't find the trail and b) when we finally did, it POURED!!! After about 10 different spaz attacks on my end over creepy crawly worms all over my shirt and Parker's loss of feeling in his hands and fingers we finally gave up. We'll be revisiting the trail later this week to show it who's boss...

By the time we'd thawed out and gotten ourselves ready for the night we'd missed our opportunity to make the 6 o'clock endowment session at the temple. Luckily the temple offers sessions straight thru 'til 8 (they must know me), so we reshuffled our night to make the 7. We wandered around downtown in our car trying to find the entrance to the Gateway parking garage so we could catch dinner when Parker had an epiphany... we could celebrate our anniversary at Sette Bello!
Sette Bello is the BEST Italian pizzeria in SLC. Parker's been raving about it for as long as I've known him and, finally, I had the chance to see why he loves it so. It is really, truly, and honestly the best pizza I've ever had. YUM!!!!!!!!! Thank you baby!
Our 7 o'clock session at the temple was the highlight of the night for sure. The Salt Lake City Temple is BEAUTIFUL inside and out and I always feel so much nearer to heaven when I'm there. The temple has a way of putting life in perspective for me too as I always leave feeling so lucky and blessed to be leading the life I live. I love being there with my husband and I really can't wait to go back!
After the temple our sweet spirits triggered this intense sweet tooth. We know better than to try and ignore these promptings so we cruised back to Sette Bello to top off our night with real Italian gelato. mixed berried + coconut...oh. my. goodness. Another piece of heaven on earth. J
After satisfying our sweet teeth we headed over to the Gateway Megaplex for one last anniversary adventure with the famous Robin Hood (Parker's held a deep respect for Russell Crowe ever since his days as Maximus in Gladiator). I'll echo the recommendations of family, friends, and rotten tomatoes...good, not great. Guess that means I get to pick next time JJJ

All in all, we topped off an amazing first month together with one amazing night. Great dining, great places, great company and one fantastic marriage. Life is good for Mr. & Mrs. DeMille!

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  1. bummer...I have been looking forward to Robin Hood...but also good to know. Heres a good story for Parker..first of all Paul I watched Gladiator on our blue ray the other night=awesome!!! anyways so Sadie was watching too..glued in fact. The part where the emporer was telling Gladiator about how his family being killed, Sadie just got up and stared hard into the t.v. and made the most repulsive growl..Oh Paul and I almost pee'd! So funny! Anyways what a great anniversary