Monday, October 25, 2010


turns out I have a MAJOR turn-on when it comes to Mr. Parker...

it's bigger than his baby-blue eyes.

sweeter than his sweetest kisses.

more captivating than his killer smile.

it even beats out his monster/kumquatch/tiger purr...

it's his...get ready for it...
stretchy pants (a.k.a sweats)

Our lazing around on a Sunday afternoon created a monster in me! I could not keep my hands off my little cuddle-bug. I just wanted to kiss him and hold him and cuddle him all. day. long. And all because of his cuddle-wear.

We laughed and laughed at my crazy-daisy ways and Parker ate up the attention, milking his "svets" for all they were worth (he later had the bright idea of combining the "svets"-effect with his silly kumquatch growl and neck nibbling...still recovering from that one).

I feel like I've never loved him so much.

It took me awhile to work out why or how the "svets" had such an effect on me. After sifting through all our best moments and memories for some sign of the spark of "svet"-love, I came up with this:

Parker's sweats reminded me of the many, many nights of our dating life last fall where he'd come over late,
after my longest days,
and just hold me.

I loved being there in his arms and letting the whole world slip away...even for a moment.

I'd rest my head on his chest and just listen to the sound of his heart, comforted by its strength.

I felt so safe and free...because in those moments,
nothing else in the world mattered.

I remember wishing I could keep him all night...

...and now I can. And I love it.

I love him!

And I'm so happy something as silly as sweats can remind me of that fact.

So tack on to our Sunday snuggle-fest the pitter-patter of rain on the windowpane, fall air as crisp as Tristan's apple harvest (thank you again!), the sweet scent of pumpkin cookies, and piano covers of our favorite hymns & love songs and I'd say, we had the perfect day.

Welcome fall! It's so good to see you again...

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  1. aww that is a great day! Its raining here which makes me happy in the sense it createst the dark, cooler fall atmosphere. Yay for "svet" pants...that cracked me! Too funny.