Thursday, October 7, 2010

standing for something

I'm typically not one to voice my opinions on controversial issues. Half the time I'm a fence-sitter and can see the pros and cons tied to both sides. The other half I don't think it's worth it to try and argue with a bunch of irrational, outspoken, opinionated head-cases. BUT...I'm sick of this. And I'm going to tell you exactly what I think.

Being a broadcast major, I'm inclined to tune into the news each night to stay informed and keep up with my current events. And can I just tell you...I am sick and tired of hearing one aspect of this weekend's General Conference blasted in the broadcast world on every. single. channel.

President Packer reiterated our position on marriage. We believe marriage between man and woman is ordained of God.

That's it. That's what we believe. And that's not changing.

He did NOT, however, go on an anti-gay/lesbian tirade or advocate the alienation or mistreatment of such individuals. As Latter-day Saints we do not foster feelings of enmity toward people of different faiths and backgrounds, and we do not encourage anyone else to do so.

I love this excerpt from a recent newspaper article:

"In a rare public endorsement made 11 months ago, the LDS Church voiced support for two Salt Lake City nondiscrimination ordinances that went into effect earlier this year, making it illegal for landlords and employers to discriminate on grounds of sexual orientation.

"I represent a church that believes in human dignity, in treating others with respect even when we disagree — in fact, especially when we disagree," said church spokesman Michael Otterson at a November 2009 public hearing on the ordinance. "Our language will always be respectful and acknowledge those who differ, but (we) will also be clear on matters that we feel are of great consequence to our society."

"The church supports this ordinance because it is fair and reasonable and does not do violence to the institution of marriage," Otterson said."

The bottom line is...what President Packer shared was, again, our position on marriage. Not our feelings toward those in gay and lesbian communities. Not our feelings toward those who support them. Not our feelings toward families of our faith who may have someone they love who tends this way. No. His talk simply served as a reminder to the world that these are our beliefs and that, no matter what the world thinks, they're not changing.

I posted this as my status on Facebook a short while ago. I realize my opinion doesn't mean much to most people and, again, I don't like to stir the pot. But I want people to know what I believe. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. I never will be. And this, to me, is a big part of it.

"People decry the LDS faith every day. Preachers condemn us from their pulpits, pastors cry over what they call "souls lost" to our faith, priests attempt to undermine our doctrine. Yet never do you see Latter-day Saints out in protest of another's words. We know what's true. We know what we believe. And we take what other's say as a grain of salt, because really, what's it matter what anyone else thinks about us???

People need to respect the fact that we have our own beliefs and opinions and be secure enough with themselves and their own beliefs to stop attacking anyone who has a different opinion."


  1. Well said, Chelsey. Standing for something can be so different for each of us, but I'm really proud of you for being brave enough to say what and why you believe what you do. It's hard to be different sometimes but even harder to stand alone. We will never all agree on issues from Church to politics and historically, that has been the case. I look forward to the days when the "lamb will lay down with the lion"! Thanks for standing for something....proud of you!

  2. Couldn't agree more. No matter which Christian faith someone is a part of, there is a difference between love for the person and love for the sin (the latter has become known as tolerance). Christ loves all of us no matter what we do, and allows us to make decisions (good or bad) that will determine where we spend eternity, but he loves us and cares about us every second of every day. Love you cousin!

  3. "ditto" to all the above and your conviction to state your support and love of our Lord and his gospel. Proud to know you, blessed to be related, and encouraged to be more outspoken in the future. Love ya lots...Aunt Julie

  4. Seriously. I'm getting sick of this too. You said it all perfectly.