Thursday, September 2, 2010

dearest cold sore

dearest cold sore,

please go away. I don't like you much and I'm nearly certain my hubby hates you.

You first wriggled your way into our lives last summer. Poor Parker had endured the swine flu, a broken shoulder, and two weeks away from me. And just when the time came for me to comfort him and kiss his little face to death til he felt better, you showed up. I'd almost forgiven you for that run-in, but you're a repeat offender with this unwelcome party-crashing.

No one invited you to the wedding. In fact, we did everything in our power to make sure you had no way of popping in on our special day. But still you came, without invitation. And as if that wasn't decided to stick around for Hawaii too. Has anyone taught you proper honeymoon etiquette. Definite no, no. You should be ashamed.
After a summer apart, we thought we'd lost you. Yet, like the Griswold's Cousin Eddy, you somehow always find a way back into our lives. Parker's on just his second week of school. He has a crazy semester ahead and more than enough to worry about without having to put up with your antics too.

I realize you're bitter for our leaving you in Hawaii (still trying to figure that one out.), but it's no reason to come back in such a fury. My baby looks like he stepped into the ring with Muhammad Ali and took a stinger right to the face. He's like Davy Jones without the tentacle beard! And it makes him sad...which makes me sad too :(

It's nothing, actually it is. You need to go. And soon. I'm sick of having you here. I'm tired of seeing my baby so sick. And we're newlyweds for goodness sake! We can't handle ten minutes without a kiss...let alone three days. This is your final warning mr. cold sore. If you're not out by the start of next week, I'm bringing in the big guns.

Consider this your final warning.

yours truly,

p.s. Face can go too.

*If you have any suggestions for either of these conditions, do tell. Thank you thank you!*

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  1. ha ha ha awww it stinks because all of the above situations are things that cause stress which is usually when Mr. Cold Sore pays a visit...I know stress sometimes is impossible to avoid...he should be able to get a prescription from the doctor? I hope he gets better! :-)