Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Oh boy! I never really appreciated what inactivity can do to your body. I always scoffed at the girls at soccer try-outs who had meltdowns over the announcement that we might be running a mile. I teased my parents for not jumping on the trampoline with me because it hurt their knees (failing to realize that time takes a toll on bodies as well). I rolled my eyes at people who ran...slow. And I wondered why...if I could go out and run 12 miles without training, why couldn't the rest of the world???

Well...if karma is real, it's living with me now. I am the most recent victim of the love chubb (as my sis Ashlee calls it). It's serious! Ok...not serious as in I look like a hippo (yet), but serious as in I feel like a senior citizen.

We had our first intramural soccer game of the season (ok second. but i missed the first one because i was super tired after work and didn't want to commute to Provo one. more. day. bad teammate, I know.). Anyway, I knew I couldn't and shouldn't expect much from myself as A. I hadn't touched a soccer ball in months and B. I hadn't attempted a solid run since school started. I never imagined how much I could regress though.

My mind worked just the same. And I'll be honest...I'm smart (that sounds so pretentious...bear with me though). I play smart (when I have enough oxygen flooding to my brain). I move the ball well (when my touch is on). I make runs (when my lungs work). I have a vision of the field and anticipate plays before they happen (but getting to those plays is a different story). I think a step ahead, and it is my greatest strength as a player.

So my mind...great. awesome. as wonderful as ever. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be each time the ball came to me. But OH MY!!! Could I do it?! Only about 40% of the time...and even those moments weren't my best.

I couldn't execute what I wanted to do. Sure I scored a couple goals...made a few plays...nailed a few passes. But overall, I felt my game was atrocious. And I reminded all ties back to fitness.

When you have great endurance, you keep your touch, you play smart, and you can get to where you want to be. It makes me sad to think I've lost everything because I've been such a cardio-slacker.

soccer days...way back when. this is when i could do laps up and down a full field for 80 minutes no problem. it was just wonderful.
the lady raiders. I LOVE these girls! every single one. and i still get to play with my dearest conehead buddies (tiff & kayla). who would've guessed we'd still be together after all these years??? It's the best!
haha! I loved the "dreadmill."

So...despite my busy schedule and the temptation to come home and CRASH after my mind is FRIED from work (being nice to people all. day. long. can be a chore. i know that sounds awful, but seriously. try and act like a cheer captain for 6 hours straight and see how you feel. exhausted) I am going to make a renewed effort to be fit.

I might not look it, but my lungs currently function like those of a great-grandma (no offense to any reading...because really, some of you might be in better shape than me at this point. honest.). I plan to dominate. And I will. Because as I told the dental hygiene college board in my interview..."I get what I want...because I work for it. And I will work for this. I promise you that."

The same applies here. So...welcome back Chelsey-the-cardio-junkie. She's here to stay.
The one I found first said, "I've been doing sit-ups." I don't know why but animal cartoons like this crack me up!

Like I said, love the animal cartoons. Here's a few funnies I found while searching for the cow one above that I had to share...hope they get a giggle!
hahaha!!! Ok I'm done...nighty night all!

P.S. Sorry sweet husband for falling asleep on the couch the last two nights and then refusing to come to bed (a sleep-stupor refusal of course. if i were coherent i would move.). I know it makes you sad when I'm not there to snuggle (a.k.a. act like a human barnacle). I realize you miss me, and that's it's lonely, so you should know. With this new could happen again. Just a head's up! Ok? I love you!!!

P.P.S. If I say no when you ask me to come next time, just carry me. I don't bite :) (or punch like you thought I might...crazy boy). Lov-a you!


  1. oh dear haha where to start on this one..yes I do know the playing cheer captain all day and IT SUCKS. especially to our little marina diva's who essentially disrespect us, and then my boss just gives them what ever they want so then we really made look like the bad guys. I have learned and if you can do this its great...I take all my anger and frustration to use as my fuel for working out and its great. However Monday I went for a trail run and was such weak sauce..I need to be better too,

  2. Love the cows...just hilarious! Sure wish I could catch one of your games. I so miss watching you play soccer, one of my favorite things to do! Good luck with your fitness quest, shouldn't take you long to play your 80 minute games with no breathers. I feel lucky just to make it to the top of the stairs these days! Love you...keep on blogging!