Sunday, August 29, 2010

the matchmaker

can anyone tell me why it is so absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find a picture of a tin foil dinner that doesn't look like it's making its second appearance??? my goodness!
Last year's brothers' trip...I don't think anyone documented this year's adventures. Thanks Kristy for this one!
anyway, that's beside the point. I just wanted to give a quick blip on our weekend. This Saturday Parker and his four brothers headed up to Deer Valley Resort for their annual "brother's biking trip." My plans for the day were swept away with the wind which gave me plenty of time to run errands and try and gear up for the coming school year. It felt so great to be so productive and definitely made me less anxious about the crazy 4 months ahead of us.
My sexy husband. I just love him!!! If he stays this cute forever he can bike all he wants :)
When Parker got home he apologized for being gone all day. He felt bad for having so much fun while I stayed at home. It was a sweet thought, but more than anything, it made me laugh. I do understand why some wives might be resentful toward husbands who take off every single weekend, but to be honest, Parker and I are rarely apart. More importantly though, I'm happy he takes these trips. I think it's so amazing that all five of the DeMille boys can connect this way. Parker's taught me so much about family and demonstrated to me, time and again, that they really are and can be your closest friends. I've always loved my family to pieces and enjoyed their company, but I really do believe I've come to value them and their friendships more in the time that I've been with Parker.
Is this Deer Valley? I have no idea...I'm just haphazardly stealing biking pics off Parker's hard drive now. Wherever it is it's pretty!
So yes...I may eat these words someday, but I love that Parker and his brothers make it a point to spend this time together. The "big brother" incident on the trail was so classic too. Nobody messes with a DeMille. And, if they do, you can guarantee there will be four brothers on their tail ready to make them eat their words...and their dust. They're speedy little things on those bikes. JJJ
While Parker biked, I chopped...and chopped...and chopped. The prep for the tin foil dinners was definitely a test of my domestic skills. Good news though...I think I passed! The dinners were a very yummy start to a super fun date night.

I'd decided to set my good friends the Browns up with a couple of my in-laws. I'd like to say I did this out of sheer selflessness, but if we're being honest, I had a few selfish motives. My friend Kory Brown just came home off a mission from Chile last week. The Browns are some of our closest family friends (we have record of Kory pushing my baby stroller when were still in diapers) and I'd been dying for a way to spend some time with him and his sister Mindy. So...I got creative. Why not spend a Saturday night with five of your very favorite people???? AND, in the process, uncover a way to possibly see them even more???
I swear I was a cuter kid than this...isn't Bubba cute though???
And he stayed cute! Any interested/single girls in Provo? He's a keeper!
I'll admit. I hate setting people up. I worry enough about what people think of me, and I feel like when I try and play matchmaker, I leave my fate in the hands of those who I've set up. If one or the other thinks I picked a real crazy/goob for them, they will question both my judgment and my taste and/or lose faith in me completely for future set-ups. BUT...then there's the what if. What if they totally hit it off? What if I become responsible for this future family and play such a vital role that they have to name their first child after me (boy or girl)? What if? It's so tempting. And thus you see the conundrum of the matchmaker. To match, or not to match. That is the question right?

I usually err on the side of not matching. It seems too risky. But there are a few instances where it's worked—quite well in fact! My friends Michael & Kayla tied the knot in June and are the happiest little lovebirds you've ever seen. All thanks to a certain someone (I realize a lot more goes into this than the seed I planted...just humor me).

I'm not sure why I strayed so far off the beaten path with that one, because it really has nothing to do with last night. I didn't go in thinking anyone would come out soul mates. Heck, I don't even know if they even liked each other! But I did know, and I do know, that we had fun. When I pick friends, I pick well, and when you throw that many cool people into the pot you can't help but end with a super sweet stew!

Despite hurricane Mitch (Mike's weather reference) and a so-so movie, I had so much fun having so many of the people I love together. It renewed my faith in the matchmaking process too...not every blind date/first date is awkward and, despite what those in Provo may think, every date you go on doesn't have to be an interview for eternity. It's ok to just have fun. And we did! Non-traditional tin foil dinners (the oriental chicken was SO good!), tropical flavored starbursts, and pillow-sized marshmallows for S'mores made for a great night, with great company. Happy Saturday to me!

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  1. Oh, you kids have too much fun and Deer Valley is beautiful, I had no idea. So glad Parker had a day out with the guys! Looking at the old photos of you kids makes me feel really OLD! Good you were able to mix it up with the Browns and DeMilles. Good luck at school this week - to all of you.
    Love you