Monday, August 16, 2010

you are loved

I've been meaning to post this for awhile. I'm not the type to forward on these types of videos or messages, but this one came to me at a time when I needed more than ever to hear it. My mom forwarded it on to me from one of my closest cousins and I remember being so overwhelmed by it as I watched after returning home from one of my longest days. The words seemed to pinpoint and then answer every feeling and question I'd found myself puzzling over the last month and before I knew it the emotion set in. Tears fell freely down my cheeks and I worked hard to stifle any sniffles or sobs that might wake my roommate. I replayed the video at least 3 times and then finally fell to sleep on my tear-stained pillow feeling more peaceful than I had in weeks.

I still tear up every time I see this video, but for different reasons. Sometimes it is still because I need to be reminded that I am doing enough...that even on those days when I feel so inadequate and imperfect I am still loved and absolutely worthwhile in the eyes of my family, my husband, my friends, my Savior. Other times I watch and wonder if, when I watched the first time, I ever would have believed how much love I have in my life now.And still, other days, I watch and try and puzzle out why I need this reminder so often—why I never seem to be able to see my strengths before my weaknesses, my successes before my failures—and marvel at how lucky I am to have so many around me who help me see otherwise.

So...for any of you that may be wondering about your worth today, let me be the one...

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