Thursday, August 12, 2010

a picture's worth a thousand words

The irony of this title...I have no pictures of this night either! BUT...I did learn the wonder of Pictionary with the DeMille/Langston clan.

Lots of trash talk...

Kirk: "You girls can't compete. You just can't compete."

Lara: "Oh couldn't even get off start."

Parker: "Which means our win should count as double."

Chelsey: "I switched over to help your team you bum!"

Kaitlin: "Oh my goodness...all of you! (pause...) Let's play again!"

Kirk's roundabout artistry...

i.e. snowàsantaànorth poleàtoysàelf

Kaitlin: "I kind of zone out when you go because I never understand what you're saying."

Attempts to ease the tension...

Parker: "I think we need to play Red Baron after this."

Chelsey: "Why's that?"

Parker: "Because everyone plays on their own team."

Kirk: "hey......."

Memorable draws...

ostrich (Parker: Chels, he looks like a dinosaur...)

child support (Kaitlin: "You all put my mind in the gutter!")

leash (Parker: "It looks like a sperm!")

Best phrase of the night...

dirty dancing

so. funny. i’ll leave it to you to figure how that one played out.

so yes. a picture's worth a thousand words. ours are worth a million laughs. which makes Pictionary at Sunday game night absolutely priceless.

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  1. I am STILL laughing over that one and kicking myself that I didn't save those pictures! That was a blast and the good news is, Kirk has settled down and might even play again! Can't wait:)