Monday, August 30, 2010

back to school

So...the truth.

I've been dreading the start of school the last few weeks...well months actually. Even though normal human beings pull it off every day I felt so overwhelmed by what lay on my plate--full time school, full time internship, part time work, and a 4-day-a-week commute from Salt Lake to Provo with that oh-so-lovely I-15 construction. YIKES!!! I'm not as tough or nearly as capable as I pretend to be and the truth is...I think the universe thinks so too. Today it tried, time and again, to make that clear.

I woke up (very early in terms of Chelsey-time) so I could be 100% ready to face my day AND be to work on time (what a concept?!).

First stop--shower. My sign--it broke. Parker leans in the door and hollers, "It fell apart right at the tail-end of my shower. Sorry babe!" Oh and the best part, "And I'm guessing someone is showering upstairs because there's no hot water either." Great. With bleary eyes I crawl inside and endure...refusing to even try to shave my legs while I try to hold the hose of a shower in place.

It's ok though, I remind myself. I woke up before the sun so I could afford setbacks like this.

Next stop--printer. I try to print my syllabus for my class. Not working. Hmm...what to do? So I jiggle and jimmy and spend a good 10 minutes before noticing the great chasm between the said cord and my USB port. Lovely move Chelly-belly...good thing you have all this time to spare! Silly girl.

And then I move to the bathroom. Everything runs can't be! Then I put on the dress. The brand new adorable dress from Macy's that I'd saved for this special occasion. I slither into it and prance over to the mirror to confirm, once more, why I love it so. Then I see it. Like a big 'ol piece of spinach in your Aunt June's tooth. The sensor...

Being the impatient soul that I am, I decide to attempt to pry it off. I realize, just as I'm about to start, that it's an inker--meant to release ink and destroy the garment for any unworthy owner a.k.a. shoplifter. So, feeling like a common criminal, I assure myself the warning is just a hoax and continue to chip away at the hunk of plastic.

Yellow and blue ink start to spew like a first-trimester pregger across the fabric of my sweet little dress. I rush to the sink and run it under the water trying to rinse the evidence away, destroying one of our white towels in the process. I look at the clock and know there's no time left to give to this hopeless task. Instead of changing though I vow to find something to pry the sucker off at work. Wishful thinking right?

With zero make-up, I huck a mish-mash of papers in my ghastly orange (just because it's GAP doesn't mean it's cool babe) loaner backpack and head out the door...into a torrential downpour. I had NO IDEA, and ran back inside to grab a coat and take cover.

I'm late to work at this point and, of course, somehow managed to grab the one black coat I own that does not have a hood. Ignoring the irony of the situation and the time I invested into drying and perfectly straightening my hair, I proceed out into the cold...and step in a puddle.

Sweet. By the time I get to the bank I'm so flustered I mess up the vault code at least three times and barely make it to my drive-thru window by 8:30. It was a mess!!! I called Parker on my way to school and relayed the events of the morning insisting it all must mean something. And he, the good husband that he is, chose not to sympathize. Instead, he assured me things would get better, reminded me to enjoy my very last first day of school, and told me how much he loved me.

Turns out...he really is a keeper...and, as much as it pains me to say it, he's nearly always right. My day did improve. I went to class and remembered so many of the reasons why I love my major. I saw and visited with friends right and left on campus and marveled at how many people I've come to know over the last 3 years. I found a way to keep my scholarship AND avoid taking classes I don't need. I chatted away as I visited one of my very best friends in her new town house. And I got a cocoa-white chocolate chip cookie from Subway. how could I not be happy?

back to school. back to school. to prove to dad that I'm not a fool. :) keep a good thought...


  1. Oh Chelly...wish I could have been there to make you a lunch, give a hug and remind you to take your coat with the hood. Proud of you! So hoping today is smooth sailing. Love you...

  2. I wish you would have filmed the entire morning...for prosperity and for grins & giggles :-) maybe even that 10 grand from Funniest Home Videos!!! You're a trooper...keep 'em coming! Love ya, Aunt Julie

  3. aww good times in life to keep us humble right? :-p