Sunday, November 14, 2010

the big six

March 20, 2009
{met him}
March 27, 2009
{dated him}
April 18, 2009
{kissed him}
April 25, 2009
{missed him}
May 2, 2009
{first ever trip to Richfield to see him}
May 25, 2009
{made it official with him}
June 7, 2009
{loved him}
June 17, 2009
{brought him home}
July 4, 2009
{decided i'd likely marry him}
August 1, 2009
{absolutely knew he was the one}
September 7, 2009
{realized I couldn't and wouldn't live without him}
December 21, 2009
{engaged to him}
May 12, 2010
{married him}

And just this last Friday,
November 12, 2010
{i celebrated the big six with him}

Can time really fly this fast?
it always has with him.
and i have a feeling it always will.
that's one reason I'm so grateful we have forever.

we're so happy these days.
and so happy to have an official anniversary.
if I had my way,
we'd celebrate every one of these days.
and every day in between.
because each day I'm with Parker, I love him even more.

And I think that's something to celebrate.

Happy 6 month anniversary sweetie!
I'm so happy we have forever to make more of these firsts...


  1. Congratulations!!! time goes by faster each year...I swear Uncle Mike & I are still newlyweds :-) (with 4 grandkids!) Love ya!

  2. Paul and I just celebrated our 2.5 year on Nov 3rd, silly I know after that long but I don't think it is, its been so fast, I seriously feel like it was still just yesterday! Congrats!

  3. Congrats. It's awesome when you get to have that first big milestone as a married couple :). So happy for you.

  4. YAY! You two are so cute Chels!!!