Sunday, November 7, 2010

it's official

I'm in! I'm a DeMille!

The stocking really says it all...
and the fact that my name's embroidered on says even more.
If it were Velcro-ed or even tacked on I'd be a bit more subdued with my celebrating.

But it looks like they're ready and (hopefully) willing to keep me for a good long while.

And why, do you ask, is this stocking so special to me?

Oh where to even begin...
(I've been working on breaking into this elite inner circle for quite awhile).

In late December 2009 I came home to Richfield, UT.

I didn't grow up there...
didn't have family to visit....
didn't have any real ties to the little town.

But I did have a boy.
A boy I knew I wanted to marry.

And this boy had a family.
A family I loved almost as much as I loved the boy.

And this family was a pretty big deal in this little town.
Despite their humble claims to the contrary.

Everyone I met told me what a lucky girl I was to be dating the boy...
...and how very lucky I'd be to be a part of the family.

I'd smile and laugh and say,
"Oh we'll see!"

Then try to keep from wondering how much longer it might be before the "We'll see!" became a
"Yes indeed! I am that lucky girl
...I even have the ring."

So I waited and tried my best not to think too far ahead.

And it worked...for awhile.

But because this family from this little town was not-so-little at all,
at Christmastime you'd see 8 stockings swinging sweetly from the fireplace mantle.

The first read Mom & Dad.

The second, Lara & Kirk.

The third, Chris & MiKell.

The fourth, David & Alison.

The fifth, Carson & Ashley.

The sixth, Michael.

The seventh, Parker.

And the eighth, Kaitlin.

The longer I admired the spread of stockings, the more my mind wandered,
wondering what it might be like
to share that lucky number 7 sock.

Parker & Chelsey
I wanted it more than anything.

...wanted my name stitched next to his.

...wanted to come home to this home away from home year after year just to see it. spend time with this not-so-little family I'd so come to love. share a stocking with him for the rest of my life.

He proposed that next day.

I said yes, of course.

But the stocking's stitches stayed the same
...we hadn't sealed the deal just yet.

So when I spotted our stocking swinging from the family room fireplace this weekend,
I had to smile.

I'm in. I'm a DeMille.

And now this is home to me too.

Thank you Kristy for that sweet reminder and for taking the time to teach me all about my new home.

I loved hearing its history.

And I cannot wait to see what a hit it will be at this year's home show.

Anyone in the area hoping to see my so-loved stocking in person, here's your chance.
My in-laws have generously opened their home to the public for Richfield's annual Christmas Home Show this December 3rd & 4th.

All proceeds go to the Battered Women's Shelter.

So it's for a good cause.

And you can bet Kristy, our ever-creative queen-of-crafting, will have
435 Pahvant Dr. looking like a winter wonderland.

Happy almost holidays everyone!

I'm looking forward to finishing out 2010 with a bang!
And no, that bang will not be the sound of my mind, or grades, spontaneously combusting.
I hope...


  1. Hahaha now I see why you wanted a picture! Love the post! Ah, I want it to be Christmas already.....

  2. Whatever, you were "in" a long time before you got your name on a stocking. It still makes me laugh inside to hear you about our little hill billy family like we are exotic:)

  3. If I had one wish...I would LOVE for Kristy come and decorate our place for the holidays! She is definitely the "Queen of decor" with all the little finishing touches to make it so amazing. The stockings are so stinkin' cute! Glad you got to spend some time with them this weekend. I can't believe it's already time to be thinking about Christmas! So not ready...YIKES!