Wednesday, November 17, 2010

snack time

so we kind of have an obsession...

fruit leather

I should know by now that it's not okay to buy this.
We're already too tempted to avoid mainstay meals and snack 24/7.
We already spend way too much money on our monthly Costco trip.
And I know if we stuck to real fruit we'd be that much closer to conquering the love chubb.

But, alas, when I see these little babies smiling down at me from their Costco pallets...
when I hear those flattened fruits hush my conscience with their coos of
and when I think of how much my husband will love the surprise...
I cave and chuck the little suckers in my cart without a second glance at the price tag.

As soon as Parker quiets his cries of delight we both make a pact to save the fruit leathers for sporadic snacking and lunches.
And then we break our promise
over and over again.
and have weaker, feebler excuses each time we do.

i.e. Monday night
Parker hears me rustling in the cupboard after dinner.

" you getting into the fruit leather?"



"Ok yes! I just needed a little dessert to appease my sweet tooth.
And this is healthiest option I could find.
Did you know these each count for a full 1/2 serving of fruit?!
I knew I loved them..."

Parker shakes his head and breathes a sigh of disappointment.

20 minutes later

I hear a rustle coming from the kitchen cupboards.

"Sweetie? What's going on?"


I hear the snap, crackle, pop of the fruit leather wrapper.
(I'd know it anywhere)
So I run into the kitchen
and catch him red-ripened raspberry handed.

" are eating a fruit leather!
You little hippie-crite."
(yes, that is how we say hypocrite.
most my friends do actually.
funny Mom moment.
i'll enlighten you some other time.)

He smilingly chomps away while discretely tucking his other hand behind his back.
But I saw it.
I see all.

I wrestle him for a moment before he willingly gives in,
revealing the contents of his right hand.
And there lies another crumpled fruit leather wrapper.
A wrapper branded with the name of my very favorite fruit leather
orchard cherry.
for shame...

But just as I go to tell him how heartbroken I am over this loss he comes up with this.

"I just wanted to get my full serving..."

oh boo...
his sweet little smirk melts my heart.
and before I know it,
we're both on the couch munching away on our goodnight snacks.
orchard cherry fruit leathers
yum, yum, yum!

i love my Parker.
he's sweet.
he's silly.
and he shares almost all my obsessions.

now if I could only get him to blog...

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  1. Hilarious! Takes me back to the bazillion times I thought we had a mouse in the pantry and it was just one of you guys snacking in there with the door shut...flashback to the time the missionaries came over and stayed, and you remember? So funny! I think you sat in the pantry for a good hour. Glad you and Parker have embraced the food pyramid and making it work for you...=)