Thursday, November 11, 2010

a reason to celebrate

Hi Granddad-

I'm not entirely sure what the protocol is on tapping into the blog-o-sphere up in heaven.

I'm guessing you get pretty great Spirit World Wi-Fi.
And that makes me think it might be okay.

BUT, if it's not allowed, I'm hoping they'll make an exception.

Just for today.

Because I've been thinking about you. Lots.

And even though you weren't one for tears, I have to apple fell way far from the tree there.
Like, say the family tree was a Granny Smith growing out on Apple Hill.
My apple'd be the golden delicious lying in some obscure East Coast orchard.

But that's okay.
I actually kind of like it there.
Because when the tears come, it reminds me that I haven't forgotten about you.
Reminds me that having you gone really hasn't changed much at all.

You're still the wisest person I know.
The most humble.
And the bravest.

You're still the leader I look to when I need to learn how to sacrifice.
Or be valiant.
Or have courage.

You're still the example I try to follow when it comes to learning the Gospel.
Loving it.
And living it.

And you're still who I think of when I think of our family.

Because none of us would be here without you.

We're not the most conventional bunch.
We don't have many traditions.
And we're pretty touch-and-go when it comes to communication.

But we love each other.
so. much.
And even though we've all decided to live our lives in our own way and in our own cities,
we're all still incredibly close.

And I'm certain that has everything to do with you.

You've been the rock of our family for as long as I can remember.

And I have to say...
even on those days when I miss you,
or those nights when I wonder if we'll ever be the same with you gone,
I picture you in your chair in Paradise telling me your stories.

And I realize,
you left us a legacy.

And I feel the peace that comes from knowing nothing really changed when you left.

Some small part of you is in each of us,
reminding us to work hard,
to be good people and strong leaders,
to always put our family first,
to show love in our own special way,
and to try and live our lives so we can visit you again
and listen to your stories forever.

I love you Granddad.
so. much.

And I am so grateful for your courage in Korea.

It gave me a reason to celebrate today.

And I can't think of anyone more deserving of a celebration.

Elmer Davis said,
"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."

Thank you for being brave Granddad.
And thanks for being my Granddad.
(I wouldn't have wished that one on anyone...)

Tomorrow I'll have been married for exactly six months.
We're going back to the place where we said yes to forever.
I wish you could've been there that day.
But I kind of feel like you were.

And every time I go back I feel that way too.
Because you and Grandma said yes to forever there too.

January 6, 1953

I'm so grateful for that day.
It brought me my family.
My forever family.

And I wouldn't trade that for the world.

I love you Granddad.
I'll be thinking about you.
And I'll start trying to do it with a few less tears.

No promises though :)


  1. Once again, we can count on you to speak for all of us, what's in our hearts but never seems to make it into print. Love your blog in memory of your made him proud and I'm so glad that a part of him lives in you. Family was what was most precious to him and I'm glad that you know how much he loved you. I'm sure Granddad looks down on you each day and feels like his time spent here on earth was not in vain. His legacy lives you. Happy 6 month anniversary! I'll be thinking of you and Parker today.
    Thanks for posting about such an amazing soldier, father, husband, granddad...I love you!

  2. Great post, Chelsey. Wish I could have known him, but from what I know about your family I can tell he was a really great man and well loved.

  3. Can't tell you how many times my prayers have turned into conversations with Granddad, I guess I always felt he was the closest I'd ever get to having a conversation with God in person on this earth... (if you know what I mean), he was oh so loving, kind, generous, gracious, forgiving, but he was also just and strong and steadfast and would let you know just what you'd done wrong, and what you'd done right. He was the best. And don't worry - I cry all the time over not being able to pick up the phone, or make the short 2 hour drive and give him a hug... we get that from Grandma

  4. Chelsey, We so appreciate your gifts and your ability to put into words what is felt by so many... Our hearts are heavy, but oh soo full.
    We are a strong, independent family and I know that came from the guidance of both Dad and Mom to go and be the people / family we are destined to be.

    Much Love to you, Parker and all who are reading this blog!!
    Aunt Pat
    ps... Happy 6 month anniversary!!

  5. Hey Chels, I'm a little slow to get on the train, but what a great train to ride! You put it really well. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Granddad knew the value of tears, tho, and I saw him shed a few of his own...happy ones, sad ones, deep ones. Don't wish those away! We love you and Parker. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Not as slow as me,, how perfectly said, Chelsey. Thanks for seeing who he was, and for being able to say it so well, and for sharing with us today. That was really special. And...Happy "1/2-Anniversary"! ;+)


  7. I have to about being a year late! I guess I'm really a Greenwell. :) I typed before I did the math, and before I checked out the dates on the other posts. And before I saw Robbi's comment on FB about this being an older blog. Oh well....I'm kinda catching up with technology, but it's obviously still a few steps ahead of me! But, great blog about your Grandpa, anyway! And just as pertinent today. :) Thanks...