Thursday, July 22, 2010

back at it again

So I've told myself from Day 1 that this blog is for the both of us. Parker insists that it is mine and mine alone, but when I see him sneaking a peak at what I've written I know deep down he loves it too.

So to dissuade him from making pinkbike (a biking website) his one stop shop for "remembering" this time of his life, I've decided to make it a habit of posting the pictures he's proudest of on our blog too.
I went up to I-Street to play photographer again and had the chance to watch Parker and his brother Chris. I love watching them fly. You think it'd scare me after seeing the guy before them do a triple-endo across the dirt after trying to show off for me & the camera, but for some reason it doesn't faze me. I always pray Parker will stay safe, but I trust him out there. He always seems in control to me.
Kristy did remind me though that the one time he lost control he did not come out in one piece. I suppose I just hope memories of that broken shoulder and his loving wife will be enough to keep him smart while on the trail.
So's my daring husband. He seems to improve each time I go to watch him and it never ceases to amaze me to see how easily he maneuvers that big hunk of metal. Like his wakeboard it seems just like an extension of himself. I'm very proud of him!

(Note to Parker: this post does not mean that your bike can live in the house. sorry. love you sweetheart!)

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