Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Day

I'm not sure Parker and I would know what to do with ourselves were it not for his family. If you think about it, they've pretty much been our one-stop shop for fun this summer.

They invite us over for BBQs, tote us around on the boat, wow us with their moto-skills, play games with us 'til the wee hour of the morn, and have even taken the initiative to introduce me to the wonder that is Bob Ross. Before you know it they'll be buying us lil' critters, condos, and BMW's in Miami!

No, no. I'm just kidding. That'd be too much to ask. How 'bout Muncie, Indiana? hehehe...

But really. All jokes aside, we have been very blessed. Our family are our very best friends and I'm so happy for it. I wouldn't change a thing...

Now onto Pioneer Day. So I'm not certain that Parker and I really took the initiative to celebrate our ancestors like we should have. We did, however, reinforce the importance and value of familyin essence their legacy—by taking another day trip out to Yuba with the DeMilles.
I am 99.9% positive that the lake is our favorite place to be. We spend our days together, in the sun, on the water, with family who are our best friends. Add on the bursts of adrenaline and sense of accomplishment that comes from water sports and you have two little endorphin junkies ready for their next fix (Parker & Kaits are already planning a return trip J).

Despite our rollie-polie water, everything was perfect!
Mike played the positive-reinforcement coach and gave us tips as we watched our instant replays on his HD cam.

Kaitlin got bigger air on the wakeboard than the family's seen all year.
Parker went big and crashed hardwhich only means he's that much closer to landing his air raley (I like to call it the superman).
baby you're so stinkin' cute!!! I mean tuff. Tuff with two f's tuff.
Tristan whipped the super-tubers around and even took it upon himself to personally finish the job when the ride failed to send them sprawling into the funny!

Kristy took care of us all, as always, and has officially been appointed general of our up-and-coming photo war J
And me...I chirped my little head off and took care of my sweet husband like every good wife should (granted, I did suggest the trick that made the biggest impact of the night...sorry baby. And FYI...this is his I-love-my-wife-so-much-and-am-determined-to-rock-this-trick next time-to-show-her-how-much-I-care face. Not the get-off-me-you-little-barnacle grimace. I promise JJJ).

All in all, it was another perfect day on the lake. We sped from town to town under the glitter of fireworks on our way home grateful for the ancestors who sacrificed everything they had so we could have everything we could ever ask for out of life. I hope they know how much we love them...

God be with you
'til we meet again...

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  1. Haha that's awesome how that last picture of you and Park turned out. Totally didn't mean to capture that with the camera. You leaned in right on time! I'm excited to go again! Hopefully we get some good weather for it though....