Saturday, July 10, 2010

running wild

Last Tuesday Parker & I ventured up to his beloved "I" Street to enjoy the summer sun and fuel up on endorphins. For those of you like me who don't know downhill biking lingo, "I" Street is bike park up in the mountains behind the avenues that Parker and his brothers Chris & Mike just love. There a bunch of intense jumps and "series" to help them improve their techniquejump higher, ride faster, corner quicker. It's really a neat little place!

From my conversations with my sister-in-laws Mikell and Ashlee, I've realized that being a biker's wife is a lot like being a golfer's wife. If you refuse to make an effort to understand why they like it or spend time with them while they're out doing it you quickly come to resent their hobby. Every golfer's wife knows golfing is expensive, time consuming, and addictive. Downhill biking is exactly that way.

That'd be a pretty easy thing to hate right? It costs you both money. It takes him away from you all too often. And you wonder sometimes if he likes it more than you.

Here's the trick though...Ashlee taught me well. When Jason goes golfing, she goes WITH him. She plays caddy, drives the cart, reads a book, gets some sun, and even though it's not her first choice of hobby, she simply enjoys the fact that she and Jay are spending the day together instead of apart.

Enter Chelsey & Parker. When we headed up to I Street the other day I went up with the intention to run while Parker went to bike. My run ended up being more of a hike because of the incline. I ended up without a clue where I was and said at least 3 prayers I would find my way before something ate me. And when I did finally find my way and start my run nasty little grasshoppers and stink bugs flew every which way across my path.

When I finished my hike/run I made my way down to the bike park to find Parker. I thought about being sassy about his recommendation for bringing me up there, but when I saw how happy he was and what a stud he is on his bike I forgot all about my little mishaps. Instead I ran to get the camera and enjoy the last little bit of sunlight we had left watching him be a rockstar.

It ended up being the perfect day!
The sunset was gorgeous.
We had a view of the entire city.
I ran my little heart out.
Parker perfected his form.
I learned to use Parker's fancy camera.
He taught me all about biking.
I spent my afternoon admiring my ultra-talented husband.
He loved having an audience.
I begged him take the jump one more time every time.
He rode until we ran out of light.
And we both left feeling like the luckiest people in the world!
I think I'm going to like being a biking wife...

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