Friday, July 23, 2010

chasin' waterfalls

Yesterday Parker and I decided to break our routine and take a little adventure.
These boulders were the path...
After a few misdirections and hesitancies over the many forks along the way, we made it to our destination.
Hello Bells Canyon Falls!
It's amazing what an intuitive journey hiking can be. We took our best guess at nearly every intersection and still managed to find our way. Are we little trailblazers or what? J
I realize this is a rarity, but I am at a loss as to what else to say about this trip. I figure I can let the pictures tell the story. I apologize for the quality...despite my ruffled feathers every time Parker mentions it, the difference in quality between my little point-and-shoot camera and his beast of a machine is significant. So, take them for what they're worth.
I love my husband. I love that we can share adventures like this together. And I love that he's always pushing me to be better, go faster, and climb higher. There's so much to look forward to in our forever together.
I can't wait...JJJ


  1. Look how super sexy you are. I am living vicariously through you..I know that might sound weird but I am such an outdoorsie girl and I love hiking and all that stuff so I miss it. I think the pics are are really pretty. Also lucky girl with the wakeboard.

  2. who is the lucky shutterbug that gets to follow you two around and take pictures of all of your adventures? you guys look so happy ( :

  3. oh you are funny Amber, thank you! I so wish you were up here to be our little married buddies. we're still on the prowl for some of those :) and thank you anna! we actually are just pros with self-timer. i think it's a product of my post-325 photog skills...