Sunday, July 11, 2010

i pity the fool

Parker and I recently moved up to SLC and into a ward which made us prime targets for the bishopric's sacrament program plans. We, of course, procrastinated the majority of our prep until yesterday which meant we got to spend ALL DAY inside. So fun...

Needless to say, by the time we had finished our talks we were BEAT, restless, and beyond ready to return to the hustle and bustle of life.

So we figured, how about the drive-ins? cheap, cozy, easy, and fun right?! But what on earth do you do when you have two cars with baby trunks and no truck? Hmmm....

We experimented out in the front yard and I almost guarantee all our neighbors think we're crazy. I pretzel-ed myself every which way trying to make the trunk work, Parker banged his head at least 3 times, we tried the roof, the sunroof, the hood (that one was my favorite...I kept convincing Parker he could make it work but every time he got on the hood caved to his weight and he sat there all sheepish and cute-like while saying, "beeder! I told you it wouldn't work!" hahaha! you probably had to be there).

Anyway, I was bound and determined to get us out of the house and Parker was more than ready and willing. What on earth were we to do?! It was already 9:15. We wanted to make a 9:30 showing. And we still had nowhere to sit.

Finally we came up with the bright idea to gather all the pillows and blankets in the house to make a "princess-and-the-pea type bed on the ground". Perfect! We ran around like crazy, grabbed every cushy thing we could lay our hands on, and set off to the movies.
We, of course, spoiled ourselves with a little Iceberg along the way (we're in LOVE with their nom nom!), and made it to the theater about 15 minutes in to Despicable Me. Can I just say...Gru's little yellow minions are my FAVORITE!!! I want one so bad! If only they were real...those little guys had me laughing the whole time!
Our double feature with Despicable Me was A-Team. We had no idea what it was about and were a little bugged about the theater-switching policy, but it actually turned out to be our favorite of the night! It had more than enough T-level boosts for Parker and the action/story line had me entertained the whole time. Not to mention the fact that Mr. T is pretty much the coolest. Parker used "pity da foo" almost as much as he uses beeder that night. I'm keeping close tabs on him to make sure I don't wake up to a little mohawk too. J

Long story short...we had a blast last night! I loved being so spontaneous and I still can't get over how much fun I have with just one other person. He knows me better than anyone. He makes me laugh like no one else I know. And really, he's just my very best friend. I love you Parker B.! (and you too my little mees...)

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  1. Gaah so many comments where do I start! :-) 4th of July in Richfeild looks so fun! there is just something abou small towns and the celebrations. Second "I" street is so fun, gaah I miss it. I remember thats where I did my first mountain bike jump. Tell Parker we need to plan a mountain biking trip around Lake Tahoe and I can get us a sweet marriott hookup haha. anyways that sounded like it was such a fun night and I am proud of you for having a good attitude at the end of the run. It makes me miss mountain biking there but how fun