Wednesday, July 21, 2010

your love is my drug

so naturally, this post should be about my husband. BUT...tonight it's not.

I'm an addictive reader. When I find a book, a good book, I read...and read...and read like reaching the end is my one reason for existing, my sole purpose in life.

I'm not sure if it's my innate distaste for secrets or my insatiable need to know the root cause and result of any mystery, but when I pick up a book like this I lose all control.

Luckily they're a quick read.

The Hunger Games.

For those of you who've read them...I know you understand. For those of you who haven't...DO IT!!! I'm honestly entertaining the idea that this could be my favorite reading series ever...right up there with Harry Potter. It's that good. And the beauty of it is, the third and final book comes out this August.

My only issue with this series...the dreaded Twilight Saga-esque love triangle.

Oh how indecisive girls plague me! Katniss is a BA (an adjective supplied by my dear friend Jill), but her beedin' Bella-heart drives me crazy. Maybe it's because I never questioned myself with Parker...never had any reason to. Maybe it's because it creates yet another unanswered mystery I have to wait to have resolved. Maybe it's because I spent the whole first book entirely sold on a relationship that's being threatened in the second. I don't know! All I know is that I want answers...quick.

With Bella we all knew it'd be Edward. Even the most devout Jacob fan knew it had to be. The Gale/Peeta battle has me at a loss though. I'm cheering Peeta all the way. My friends/sister-in-laws think I'm crazy to back anyone but Gale. And we all have different opinions as to the book's allusions to the end result.

I'm standing strong with my vote though.

The second book didn't change my mind.

And like I said, if you haven't read it, READ it! Because soon this post that means nothing will mean all sorts of something to you and I'll possibly have another Peeta pal to back me up (not that I'd ever recommend something on a such a selfish note J).

Happy reading!


  1. I like Peeta too. I love these books and this particular love triangle has me torn more than most. I can't wait for the next one, I am glad you and Kaitlin have been reading them, I sort of forgot about them and now I am excited for the next book. I remember reading them and then watching survivor or biggest loser on tv and realizing it wasn't much different than what was going on in the book (except people's lives were not at risk).

  2. Ok, well now I'm hooked on this series...thank you, Chels, for the heads-up on the trilogy. Peeta is my choice of the day but that could all change by tomorrow...can't wait for the next book!