Wednesday, July 14, 2010

families are forever

Family's been on my mind today, in-laws especially. During lunch at my Wells Fargo training the subject came up and I listened patiently as the other girls went on about their in-law predicaments.

One had a mother-in-law and father-in-law who divorced when her husband was young and expected to be visited during the holidays every year or be brought along to her family's celebration. Another had selfish brother & sister-in-laws who thought the world revolved around them and tried to run the little newlyweds life. The last had a large family who all fought over who got to visit when, who spent the most time where, who got the best rooms, etc. etc. etc.

Once everyone had offered their two cents the conversation turned to me. They looked at me expectingly and I sat for a moment trying to think of what I could say.

After thinking for a moment I looked back and simply said, "The truth is, I've got nothing. I've been one of the lucky ones when it comes to in-laws. I have no drama, no horror-stories, and nothing they'd ever try and make a reality show about. My husband's siblings are some of our best friends, his parents spoil us like we're still kids but treat us like entirely independent adults. No one steps on toes. No one tries to tell us how to live our lives. Anyone would help us if we needed it. And they've always made me feel at home. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but that's really all there is to it."

The all told me I was very fortunate but I know in their minds they thought I was holding back...that I was somehow trying to one-up them with my perfect life. But to be 100% honest, I meant every word I said. I've fallen into the best in-law situation I ever could have asked for. I tell Parker every day that I wonder how people fall in love or start to develop serious relationships when they have deal-breaker families. I love Parker to pieces, but it really was that 4th of July with his entire family that made it clear to me that I could spend forever this way. They made it too easy and they still do.

Tonight Parker and I started trying to map out the rest of our summer. He called his parents to try and find a good time to come visit and somehow that small inquiry turned into an invite out on the boat...on a day uniquely tailored to fit our the very last minute...all because they love us and want to see us.

Parker started commenting on how very lucky we are to be blessed with such generous family and brought up our August California trip too. He said he couldn't believe my parents would travel all the way down there after such a busy summer on a minute's notice just because we thought it'd be more fun to have them there. Not to mention the fact that my sweet siblings and Parker's awesome cousin are going to house/entertain us the entire time we're there...and again, at a moment's notice.

Tack these acts of generosity onto endless game nights, dinners out, dinners in, boating trips, parties, motocross races, and a lifetime of love, sacrifice, and support given by both our siblings and we are in deeper debt to our family than we'll ever be with the bank.

I guess my point is that we're lucky. We are always appreciative and very aware of all our family does for us, but I wonder if we sometimes take for granted what a rarity we are to have gone 2 for 2 in the in-law department.

Right now I'm just praying it isn't one of those things that skips a generation because oh my...if my kids marry into some crazy clan...I'll be the mom that throws down. Just sayin'.... JJJ

Thank you everyone for all you do and have done for us. We are so grateful that ours is a forever family. <3


  1. Chelsea, we are so glad you are in our family. You've made such a difference in our lives. We need to plan a boating trip or have you up for dinner.

  2. It's the BEST to have great in-laws! And I know Parkers parents and they are great! Mine are amazing, I couldn't ask for better. I hear about horror stories like that all the time and I feel soo bad! We are truly blessed!

  3. Chels,
    Can't wait to see you and Parker in CA!
    Hope you're having a great summer. Tell
    the Browns hello from me, I heard you guys will be stopping off in Vegas for a visit.
    Love you...